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Mad og restauranter i Fairfield, Victoria

De bedste restauranter

Breakfast Spot
“Love this place but best to go early afternoon as there are long line ups in the morning, for a reason. Best homemade jams ever”
  • 59 lokale anbefaler
Italian Restaurant
“OMG! The pizza is amazing here as are the wines. At Pizzeria Prima Strada, we are passionate for the fire-roasted pizzas born in Naples, Italy. More than 10 years ago we were inspired to create a neighbourhood pizzeria serving the best pizza, good wine and craft beer – a place to gather for a delicious and casual meal. We’re committed to simple, fresh ingredients on thin crust, wood-fired pizza. ”
  • 65 lokale anbefaler
“Delicious Vegan restaurant. The dishes are very flavorful and hearty. The mac and cheese is awesome.”
  • 48 lokale anbefaler
Sandwich Place
“Excellent seafood cuisine with Indonesian and French touches. Probably the best seafood restaurant in Victoria.”
  • 31 lokale anbefaler
Sports Bar
“"Multilevel, cricket-themed pub featuring craft drafts, varied grub & DJs in the Strathcona Hotel.””
  • 23 lokale anbefaler
Burger Joint
“The Pink Bicycle is the best burger place in Victoria. There is nothing that compares to the Pink Bicycle in terms of burgers. The truffle oil tossed fries are also delicious. Most of the soups that I have had have also been good.”
  • 28 lokale anbefaler
“Second best cocktail place in town. Very interesting cocktails. Right across the street in Chateau Victoria) Somewhat expensive but worth it. ”
  • 22 lokale anbefaler
“great local coffee roaster that does a mean americano and a delicious breakfast sandwich!”
  • 24 lokale anbefaler


“Great place to pick up a treat and a coffee on the way to Beacon Hill Park.”
  • 25 lokale anbefaler
“Great local bakery and cafe. Enjoy your morning coffee and get some treats! ”
  • 21 lokale anbefaler
Coffee Shop
“Both this one and the Discovery Coffee on Discovery St (the original) are both bright, boppin, spacious cafés with excellent coffee and treats (my fave is the fruit chew - I don't go in for the super sugary sweets. The fruit chew is sweet by its own dried fruit merits and it has stolen my heart).”
  • 16 lokale anbefaler
“Neighbourhood Locally owned pizza restaurant. Great desserts made by the owner's mum.”
  • 5 lokale anbefaler
“Fresh fresh fresh! Very tasty salads, sandwiches, and soups. It's in the heart of Cook St Village. If you want to feel like your best, healthy self, I highly recommend coming here for lunch or dinner.”
  • 8 lokale anbefaler
“Smaller than the Cook Street Starbucks, this one offers a few outdoor tables.”
  • 4 lokale anbefaler
“Everyone needs a coffee or tea and baked "treat". Everything Starbucks. Open by 6:00AM”
  • 6 lokale anbefaler
Coffee Shop
“Cafe / Snack: Need a quick bite and latte? Consider this veggie friendly spot. ”
  • 5 lokale anbefaler


“Great local bakery and cafe. Enjoy your morning coffee and get some treats! ”
  • 21 lokale anbefaler
  • 1 lokal anbefaler
“Makes a nice destination after a walk through Beacon Hill Park. Excellent baking and coffee with a sunny afternoon patio.”
  • 2 lokale anbefaler