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De bedste anbefalinger fra lokale

Find ud af, hvad der gør byen unik, med hjælp fra de lokale, der kender den bedst – fra sightseeing til skjulte perler.

“Catch a movie at the histortic Brooklyn Academy of Music. BAM offers art-house and procgressive selection in films from around the world. ”
  • 262 lokale anbefaler
“This area is beautiful guest solo or travelers would love to sit by the water and catch a nice view while watching boats and cruise ships past by. Dumbo is very popular for indoor and outdoor skating, swimming and many other activities.”
  • 188 lokale anbefaler
Movie Theater
“Great place for drinks, food, and a movie. A great mix of blockbusters and cool repertory screenings.”
  • 150 lokale anbefaler
“Another slice of pizza passion and drama in NYC, Grimaldi's was started by Patsy Grimaldi, who learned how to make pizzas at the tender age of ten from at Patsy's in East Harlem. The pizzeria is no longer owned by Pasty, who sold it off in the late 1990s. Though under different ownership, the pizzeria continues to be rated one of the top pizzeria's in NYC is was chosen as one of the five best pizzerias in the US by the Food Network. ”
  • 99 lokale anbefaler
History Museum
“Great way to learn about the underground world of NYC and all of its transit marvels and mayhem. ”
  • 90 lokale anbefaler
“Iconic bridge. Can walk across to Manhattan or stroll along the promenade for views of the city”
  • 76 lokale anbefaler
“This is the original Junior's Restaurant serving their world famous original Junior's Cheesecake. Additionally, my father worked here for several years. Family/friends favorite.”
  • 70 lokale anbefaler
Shopping Mall
“A large selection shopping stores. Really close to the Brooklyn Bridge. I enjoy walking across the bridge into the city. ”
  • 56 lokale anbefaler
“In order to mollify the residents of Brooklyn Heights, city planner Robert Moses built this park atop the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to muffle the street noise when when it opened in 1950. Today, you might forget that traffic is moving along beneath you while strolling the esplanade. The picture-perfect views of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty are admittedly distracting.”
  • 39 lokale anbefaler
French Restaurant
“Cute place to grab a bite or catch a soccer match. They also have great local musicians nightly. ”
  • 83 lokale anbefaler
Gourmet Shop
“Top notch supplier of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean foods. Considered the best in the city. ”
  • 95 lokale anbefaler
Food Court
“A great place to find a variety of local food vendors and something that will satisfy everyone in your group. ”
  • 66 lokale anbefaler
American Restaurant
“Best pancakes in NY. Sourdough pancakes with seasonal fruits, syrup and butter. If you're going for dinner, the pork chop is a must!”
  • 79 lokale anbefaler
Theme Park Ride / Attraction
“This iconic merry-go-round is fun, romantic and beautiful. Fun for all ages!”
  • 53 lokale anbefaler
“I can show around real Brooklyn Down town cool spot for sight seen and cool store ”
  • 23 lokale anbefaler
“My favorite bakery - hands down. The bread is some of the best I have ever had - and I am a baker so I am pretty picky. The croissants and coffee are not to be missed!”
  • 63 lokale anbefaler