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Parker og natur i Danube River

De bedste parker

“Beautiful promenade,local customs,unique waterfalls,folk customs,the first hydroelectric power plant in the world.Suitable for excursions,for hiking trips,cycling,walks and sightseeing.”
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“The biggest park in the center of Milan. Perfect for runners! Also a great place to enjoy a snack on one of the many benches and a nice walk towards the Castle”
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“Beautiful nature within the town. Relax and see how nature and urban area can harmonize together. ”
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National Park
“The most beautiful Parc along the coast is not far from the property, it is possible to go there by car or by train.”
  • 300 lokale anbefaler
Sculpture Garden
“Historic garden near Palazzo Pitti. You can also access the garden from Porta Romana and take a long walk in the countryside while being in the city. ”
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“En kæmpe naturoase midt i byen på Margrete øen midt i Donau floden. Bilfri. Cykler kan lejes, Kæmpe festligt friluftsbad Palatinus. Bus 26 fra Vestbanegården.”
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“The Prater is an amusement park in the middle of Vienna. There are roller coasters, carousels, a ferris wheel, restaurants and much more.”
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“Due to its unique natural features, magnificent forests and extraordinary geomorphologic structures, the area of Velika and Mala Paklenica was proclaimed a national park in 1949. The main reason for proclaiming this area a national park was the protection of the largest and best preserved forest complex in the territory of Dalmatia, which was threatened by overexploitation. The Paklenica National Park stretches on the area of 95 km2, and includes the highest peaks of the Velebit Mountain - Vaganski vrh (1752 m a.s.l.) and Sveto brdo (1753 m a.s.l.). It covers the area of torrent flows of Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica, and their distinctive canyons carved vertically into the south slopes of Velebit. ”
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“Beautiful park along the Arno River, perfect place to have a walk inside the green with spectacular views.”
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Theme Park
“Familien-Vergnügungspark mit Kino-Themen Attraktionen, Attraktionen und Unterhaltung. Family-friendly amusement park featuring movie-themed rides, attractions & entertainment. Parco divertimenti per famiglie con attrazioni a tema cinematografico, attrazioni e intrattenimento.”
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“in 13 minutes walk you reach the green park, situated around two important churches, Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore and the Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio. It has also a playground area for little ones. ”
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“With the surrounding area, Tašmajdan forms the cultural-historical complex Stari Beograd (Old Belgrade), while the park itself is in the zone of the protected natural area of Miocenski sprud-Tašmajdan. The Serbian Emperor Dušan is buried inside, along with the Serbian Patriarch German. Next to it is a small Russian Orthodox church of the Holy Trinity, built in 1924, inside of which the Russian general Pyotr Wrangel is buried”
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“Maybe less discovered, and less popular among tourists, but a lovely French-style park with lots of flowers and a playground for kids.”
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“Vittorio Formentano Park, also known as Largo Marinai d'Italia Park, is a 72.320 m² Milan park, located between corso XXII Marzo and viale Umbria, without fence and therefore always accessible. Equipped with aera dogs and open 24/24h.”
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“During the summer visit Art park, event in the heart of Ribnjak park. Enjoy music, nature and a cold beer or mojito!”
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“One of our most busiest park, the Erzsébet square is popular amongst young people, mostly nights with a bottle of wine”
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Monument / Landmark
“This is a superb spot to peacefully watch the sun go down to the mesmerising tones of Zadar's most popular attraction.”
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Andre gode udendørsoplevelser
“Lonely Planet ranked Kamenjak among the 10 most beautiful natural landscapes in the Mediterranean. Enjoying nature.”
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Surf Spot
“Absolute must do! You might have read about it. This is a wave in the lake Eisbach (English Garden) where locals surf all year long, even in winter. An absolute favourite of visitors. Go, stay for a while and watch the cool kids (and grown ups) surf the Eisbachwelle!”
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“This island on the Sava has been reclaimed and turned into a peninsula, and is somewhere for Belgradians to let their hair down and be active. Even though Ada Ciganlija is in the middle of the city, it has been left to nature, and is still cloaked with mature elm and oak forest. On the south side the Sava is impounded, forming the Savsko jezero lake. On any given summer’s day Ada Ciganlija is thronged with people jogging, rowing and kayaking on the lake, playing golf, tennis, basketball or just basking in the greenery. But it’s the pebble beach that is the main draw, known as “Belgrade’s Seaside” and traced with bars and restaurants. These provide picnic tables and deckchairs and are open into the night. ”
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Bathing Area
“Great area at the Isar (river). Especially in summer, when half of Munich's people are enjoying the sun and BBQ's there. There's also the Munich zoo”
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“The Lido island just a couple of vaporetto stops from the flat offers nice sandy beaches and stunning Art Deco architecture. It is also possible to hire bicycles to ride the entire length of the island (11 km). Worth a visit during summer. ”
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“Štrand - city Beach - most vivid areas in Novi Sad and home to various concerts, festivals, sport competitions and other attractive events. Štrand is located in the immediate vicinity of Limanski Park.”
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“nice beach and events, shopping and restaurants only 1 hour by bus from Venice”
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Ski Area
“Live a blue colored dream from Malcesine up to the top of Monte Baldo. Admire the blue shades of both lake and sky melting into an amazing landscape offering a view in all its variety: From snow covered Alpine peaks to the rough profile of the closer mountains and the soft scenery of the lowlands. Here the cable car “flies” up to 1,800 meters altitude within only a few minutes. The rotating cabins, unique in the world, let you experience new emotions every time you go.”
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“The Radovna river cuts the Vintgar gorge deep between the hills of Hom and Boršt. The gorge is flanked by steep slopes overgrown with beech forests. It was discovered in 1891 by Mr. Jakob Žumer, mayor of Gorje, and Mr. Benedikt Lergetporer, a cartographer and photographer from Bled. Both were amazed by the beauty and the mysterious character of this natural attraction. Local people, however, have always viewed the gorge with awe and respect.”
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“Tâmpa - nature reserve where you will find 35% of the butterfly species in Romania Tâmpa mountain is one of the main tourist objectives of the city of Brașov. It is about 950 meters long and once you get there you will have the opportunity to see the most beautiful view over the city. Mount Tâmpa is a protected area, extends over an area of 150 ha and is already recognized for the rare flowers that you can see there, but also for the multitude of butterfly species.”
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Scenic Lookout
“Ok this is a GEM! Sljeme is treasure for Zagrebcani (the people of Zagreb). You can hike up there (highly recommended) or you can go by car (if you need a ride ping us in advance if we available we gonna find a way to get you there) So, if you go for a hike then the best thing is to take uber, put Bikceviceva Staza. It will take you on the beginning of Bikceviceva trail where you can choose Bikceviceva (a bit intense) or Leustekova trail which is a bit easier but in my opinion also more beautiful. Each trail is gonna lead you to a different top and different restaurant. You won't miss it either way you choose. We usually go on Sunday's, it like a tradition for Zagreb people so you gonna see a lot of local people over there and their way of living. Young adults, families, even older groups... But this is just a pinch of what Sljeme has to offer, once you there you should def go to see the tower also Medvedgrad which is breathtaking. ”
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Nature Preserve
“Nattural Reserve. A narrow canyon, very impressive with a lot of trails to do. Here you can hike, climb on the rock and even refresh in the small river.”
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“Beautiful gorge walk. Take a torch or use your phone light for the darker parts. It's always pretty cold in the gorge and wet from the running river so wear appropriate clothing. There is an alm hut further up to which you can eat at. 5 EURO entry. A must see!”
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“Beautiful 4 km boardwalk with a pictoresque Gortanova Uvala beach. Great for walking, rollerblading, biking, and swimming (do come early to grab a spot on the beach.) Also a great beach bar just above the beach.”
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“FRUSKA GORA is the oldest National Park in Serbia, with beautiful nature, forests and rare plant and animal species. There are as many as 16 medieval monasteries on Fruska Gora. SunnySide is located on the slopes of Fruska Gora and it can be easily toured even by bike and on foot. The two most inviting monasteries, Velika Remeta and Krusedol, pearls of medieval architecture and culture are located just a few km from SunnySide estate.”
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