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Drinks og natteliv i Central District, Seattle

Vietnamese Restaurant
“One our favorite go-to places for a delicious casual meal: breakfast/lunch/brunch/dinner.”
  • 135 lokale anbefaler
“Comfort food done with a twist. You like fried chicken? Good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”
  • 109 lokale anbefaler
“One of the best bakeries in Seattle (or anywhere :) - hands down!! Lucky for you, this place is within walking distance. Make sure you have breakfast or lunch here at least once during your visit. It will not disappoint!”
  • 111 lokale anbefaler
French Restaurant
“My "go to" place for affordable but still upscale french food. Wine is as cheap as $3.50 a glass. Very lively and comfortable place and they serve food every day until 1PM. ”
  • 127 lokale anbefaler
“Very popular with the locals. A gazillion beers, sit outside at tables, everyone is friendly, a different food truck every day.”
  • 116 lokale anbefaler
Sushi Restaurant
“Funky sushi place. Great specialty rolls and the menu is as long as a Russian novel. ”
  • 81 lokale anbefaler
Indie Movie Theater
“This quaint-and-quirky local favorite offers a unique dine-in movie theater experience. They frequently have events and often show classic pop favorites. My favorite experience was an interactive Jurassic Park event night. Highly recommend!”
  • 88 lokale anbefaler
“One of the best cocktail lounges in the United States, really! If you enjoy good cocktails, this is a MUST.”
  • 110 lokale anbefaler
  • 1 oplevelse
German Restaurant
“Awesome German Style Biergarten! Come for the Food and Beer and Stay for a Game of Boccee Ball!”
  • 73 lokale anbefaler
Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant
“A culinary vegetarian experience. Expensive but unique and beautifully plated. Great stop after visiting the Seattle Arboretum. ”
  • 85 lokale anbefaler
“Hip and casual restaurant with an excellent burger (order it medium) and salads. Lively scene. ”
  • 86 lokale anbefaler
Mexican Restaurant
“Dim, stylish space offers Mexican fare with a modern twist in an upscale cantina plus happy hour.”
  • 57 lokale anbefaler
Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant
“Makini Howell’s vegan restaurant where celebrities have flown in just for her delicacies ”
  • 55 lokale anbefaler
“Outstanding craft cocktails serving specialty sushi made by thoughtful artists until late...actually I just looked it up...they are open Every. Single. Day. from 9am to 2am, sushi starts at noon : ) ”
  • 69 lokale anbefaler
  • 1 oplevelse
“The Pioneer Inn and Tavern Law legalized drinking in public bars and saloons. The Golden Age of cocktails thrived for nearly a century until the 1919 Volstead Act almost destroyed the craft of the American bartender by outlawing the production and pleasure of alcoholic beverages. However, in hidden rooms and dark basements, thirsty patrons still sought spirits. And so the Speakeasy was born, booming until the repeal of Prohibition in 1933. Nearly another century after Prohibition’s repeal, left only with fond memories and old bar manuals, the art of mixing drinks is alive today thanks to the efforts of dedicated bartenders, historians and drinkers alike. It’s because of their diligence and passion that the pleasures of artfully crafted cocktails, fine wine and masterfully prepared food has kept the spirits of the night dancing on our tongues and in our hearts. Welcome to the celebration of our history. ”
  • 59 lokale anbefaler
Coffee Shop
“Green eggs & ham plus many other breakfast & lunch combos served in a cheerful house-turned-diner.” – Good for breakfast and lunch or grab a coffee and scone to start your day ”
  • 70 lokale anbefaler