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“5 minutes of walk from home. You can visit the Castle also inside with or without guide. In ancient times, in case of danger of siege to the Vatican the popes took refuge in the castle through the passage called "Passetto". The "Passetto is about 800 meters long, you can see it right next to home and if you visit inside the Castle, you can walk on it.”
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“it was originally built by Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum, after was fortified and turned into a fortress, and used by the popes in case of danger. A secret corridor connects the Castel with St Peter”
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“Castel Sant'Angelo deve la sua importanza alla trasformaziome da Mausoleo dell imperatore romano Adriao 123 dc in fortezza medievale rinascimentale dei papi, Incredibile è anche la sua terrazza panoramica.”
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