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Barer og natteliv i Hovedstadsregionen

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“A very lively French themed bistro which we love to visit again and again. ”
  • 175 lokale anbefaler
“Kaffibarinn is one of the oldest bars in town. The tourist to local hipster ratio has understandably shifted in favour of the tourists in the last decade or so. But that does not seem to make Kaffibarinn any less hip. In fact it sort of adds a new level of coolness. Kaffibarinn at the weekends is an experience you will either love or hate. But if you don´t fancy the partying crowds at night, but you like the sound of Kaffibarinn´s warm, dingly charm, then check it out in the daytime for a cosy coffee or draught beers on offer.”
  • 102 lokale anbefaler
“Kaldi serves everything from the Kaldi brewery. The Kaldi Dark is especially good.”
  • 136 lokale anbefaler
“It is a very nice, lively place to hang out with friends. They often have live music playing and they have a blackboard full of house brewed beers that you must try! There is a great mix of both tourists and locals. The food is also amazing. Must try the Kex Burger! ”
  • 106 lokale anbefaler
“Locals love this coffee shop. And it is right next to the local swimming pool and bakery.”
  • 116 lokale anbefaler
“Great brunch in the Old Harbour, the vibe is cozy and the walk from the studio along the sea is fantastic, passing Harpa Concert hall and the whale watching pier.”
  • 89 lokale anbefaler
“This is a great place to go for coffee during the day, it is also a great place to go for dinner, also a great place for an early drink and a favourite place to dance till the early morning, a local favourite”
  • 46 lokale anbefaler
Modern European Restaurant
“The Restaurant is situated at Skolavordustigur 40 in Reykjavik. The design concept is a mixture of warm modern Icelandic feel with international touch wherein furniture of designer Tom Dixon play the main role. The restaurants is on two floors with an open kitchen and a wieldy bar. The restaurant is divided into spaces with cozy leather couches and has a variety of different table settings. The cuisine is feel good comfort food with a twist on classic cuisine. The menu offers a variety of starters, salads, fish, steaks and desserts. The head chef, Sævar Lárusson is a young ambitious chef who has gathered years of experience at Reykjavík‘s best restaurants, working along side many of the country’s most renown chefs. The restaurant centers around a bar where the country's best cocktail bartenders serve craft cocktails from the best ingredients available and are offering an ambitious cocktail list.”
  • 39 lokale anbefaler


“Biggest Nightclub in Reykjavík and have great cocktails. Open Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night. ”
  • 16 lokale anbefaler
Night Club
“Great place for intimate concerts and art shows. Only first class Icelandic and guest acts.”
  • 13 lokale anbefaler
“Nice bistro at this Hotel/hostel. The pizzas are pretty affordable and very good (specially the duck pizza). Also a cafe during the day and a bar at night. ”
  • 19 lokale anbefaler
Night Club
“ Kaldi is one of Iceland's biggest beer breweries, and their central Reykjavik bar serves their brews alongside liquor and other drinks. "It's a firm favorite with the over-30s and for someone who prefers great conversation over late night dancing it’s the perfect place to hang out any night of the week,". ”
  • 10 lokale anbefaler


Concert Hall
“Harpa Concert Hall is a beautiful piece of Architecture. Inside you will find designer goods and restaurants”
  • 233 lokale anbefaler
“This is a great place to go for coffee during the day, it is also a great place to go for dinner, also a great place for an early drink and a favourite place to dance till the early morning, a local favourite”
  • 46 lokale anbefaler
Concert Hall
“Must see Architecture. Harpa is a concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavík, Iceland. The opening concert was held on May 4, 2011. The building features a distinctive coloured glass facade inspired by the basalt landscape of Iceland.”
  • 31 lokale anbefaler
Concert Hall
“Harpa, the conference hall, stood half-finished for years during Iceland's financial crisis, as a symbol of our hubris. However, once finished it is a much beloved building, housing both the opera and the National Symphony Orchestra, as well as Iceland Airwaves music festival, international conferences etc. Its glass exterior was beautifully designed by artist Olafur Elíasson. Entrance is free to the building itself, to admire both the architecture but not least the beautiful views over Reykjavik harbour. Also, my personal favorite: Behind the building there's a small marina, and if you go there at sunset, the reflection of the sun on the glass exterior of the building is absolutely amazing!”
  • 31 lokale anbefaler
Whisky Bar
“It has this bit tiered look, a bit rough on the sides, but great bar, life music every night and the heavy metal people hanging out there are really very sweet.”
  • 23 lokale anbefaler
Rock Club
“Every night you´ll find something new and exciting here, whether it´s varied live music, English stand-up, drag shows, karaoke, or just great dancing music! Definitely worth checking out!”
  • 6 lokale anbefaler
Record Shop
“A very nice record shop about 8 minutes away. The 12 Tónar shop is known as a friendly place where you can sit down, listen to a wide selection of music on two floors, enjoy free espresso, read magazines or browse the juicy collection of rock literature. There are sometimes concerts in the shop. Especially on Fridays during the summer when the lovely garden becomes the venue for all kinds of music. In 2006 the 12 Tónar shop in Reykjavik was awarded the prestigious title Shop of the Year by the City of Reykjavik. 12 Tónar is also an independent record label. ”
  • 9 lokale anbefaler
Concert Hall
“Great venue for drinks, views over the city (rooftop bar), music and hanging out with friends. Historic building downtown. ”
  • 8 lokale anbefaler