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Best things to do in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Used Bookstore
“This little bookstore serves coffee and beers. It’s the most peaceful place, very pretty! You can bring books and trade them for drinks!”
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“One stop shop for a cup of joe & a new book for the plane ride home! They have a section of used comics and discounted books. We have a punch card for you to use ;)”
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“It's an occult store located on the edges of the Brooklyn Industrial park and Bushwick. Their about statements says: "Catland is Brooklyn’s premier metaphysical boutique and event space. We aim to serve the local community of Occultists, Yogis, Pagans, Mystics, Thelemites, Witches, Chaotes, and anyone interested in the enhancement of their spiritual self." They are stocked with books, candles, crystals, tarot cards, herbs and etc. Swing by this little shop on your excursion in the industrial park and see for yourself. ”
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Book Store
“ Vinyl Fantasy Anyone who’s tried to track down a funny book in Brooklyn knows that it’s a largely thankless task (minus a few standouts like Bergen Street Comics and Desert Island). Enter this modest storefront, which fills an important, underserved niche by offering Marvel comics and CCR records under one roof. ”
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Book Store
“Second-hand bookstore with a curated selection of books (if you forgot something to read).”
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Book Store
“Need *anything* for the kids to play with? Come here! Great owners, great stuff. Tell them Faye + Amiyr sent you!”
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“Public libraries are handy & awesome. Also, free wifi so another way to help you get around, look up maps on your phone etc. without paying crazy roaming data fees”
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Clothing Store
“Basement spot in the Food Bazaar parking lot. Local thrift—clothes and junk. Dig away!”
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Book Store
“Great used bookstore with a punk vibe, stocking a variety of subjects - usually with great covers! Fiction, philosophy, poetry and art books - comics as well.”
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