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Top recommendations from locals

“Nice small park surrounded by upscale bars and restuarants. The nightlife is more laid back, for something a little more wild Zona T is better.”
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“This is about 2 blocks from the Botanical Garden, and is another large park for exploring, taking pictures, and enjoying the outdoors. Also important, it's free!”
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Women's Store
“Nearest Mall, perhaps the most important and most frequented in all of Bogota.”
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BBQ Joint
“You mustn't miss out on this. An eclectic experience of food drinks, music and a particular scenery. Worth every penny. Go to either Andres DC in Bogotá (Zona T at El Retiro Shopping Mall ) or to Andrés Carne de Res Chía for the best party of your life ”
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BBQ Joint
“The original one is in Chia (about an hour's drive but the place is worth it!). Great ambiance for dining and partying/dancing in a fun setting. They have another place, Andrés DC, in walking distance yet it is not as good as the one in Chia. Ideally make reservations or arrive early. Plan to leave late! Or, should you be going with children, go at lunch time.”
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“We can take you to the Botanical Garden. $20 USD ($50,000 COP). Prices DO NOT include admission tickets.”
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“Great green and peaceful area with playgrounds for kids, pet friendly areas, running and biking path and simply fresh air to walk around. ”
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Monument / Landmark
“From what I understand, this is the second of only two cathedrals built inside a salt mine (the other is in Poland). This one is in Zipaquira, north of Bogotá”
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“Very nice neighborhood, in the north of bogota Calle 118 & 6th. Lots of restaurants, nice to go on sundays, there is a fair of lots of little merchants. Check out the new BOHO building inside of it restaurants, bars, coffee market, it is 4 floors of gourmet food. in this area I also recommend restaurant La Mar, peruvian food, and La puerta de Alcala, spanish food. Friday and saturdays they have flamenco show. ”
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Shopping Mall
“A historic shopping mall that has a bit of everything... restaurants, shops, movie theater, etc.”
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Shopping Mall
“Huge Shopping Center. It has all you could need. Cinema, Restaurants, fast food, everything”
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“One of the best spots in Bogotá to go for a drink or for a nice meal. 10 mins away on a cab. ”
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Shopping Mall
“Atlantis has a nice Juan Valdez coffee shop and cheaper retail options than the other malls in the area.”
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“Is must seen when you are in San Gil. One of the most unbelievable places in Colombia, the Chicamocha canyon is a magical place to visit. The park offers the cable ride to La Mesa de Los Santos, a little town in the other side of the canyon. Enjoy the ride and the fun!”
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Andre gode udendørsoplevelser
“We can take you to visit the salt mines of Nemocon. $70 USD ($200,000 COP). Salt Cathedral Zipaquira - Nemocon Salt Mine: $120 USD ($350,000 COP). Nemocon Salt Mine - Guatavita Lagoon: $120 USD ($350,000 COP). Prices DO NOT include admission tickets.”
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Night Club
“A great place to hang out with friends. Good music with two different scenarios: house and chill out lounge and the crossover stage. Really good for those who'd like to enjoy the nightlife of Bogota.”
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