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Parker og natur i Arizona

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“Amazing scenery and workout! Great for groups, if you go early check out "Scramble" for the perfect breakfast!”
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“One of most awesome natural wonders in the world just one and a half hours from Flagstaff. ”
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“Fantastic and expansive indoor/outdoor museum in the middle of a beautiful desert valley. Views are incredible. The "Raptor free flight" is super cool - they have trained owls, hawks, falcons, etc. that they do a flight demonstration with - the birds swoop down right over your heads. The hummingbird house is also really cool. We were way more impressed than we had anticipated when we went for the first time. (great for kids)”
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Botanical Garden
“Great desert flora exhibit. But there's more!! Check their website. The have hosted many above and beyond exhibits. (I.e. Chiluly Glass; 3D Laser Light displays)”
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“This place has a unique look out spot called The Hole in the Rock where you can see a nice sunset ”
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Botanical Garden
“Truly a wonderful way to better understand the Sonoran Desert, close to Sky Harbor Airport so a great place to walk off the effects of sitting in a plane for a few hours or a great last stop before catching an afternoon plane. It opens at 8 AM. They also have Gertrudes, a well recognized restaurant and through out the year special weekend and night events. Through May 12th they have a nightly Electric Desert event which looks amazing.”
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Historic Site
“The Hoover Dam is known as an engineering marvel for good reason. The massive 726-foot-tall concrete arch-gravity dam holds back the powerful Colorado River and generates enough hydroelectric power to serve 1.3 million people annually. Located about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam is a fun day trip destination for the entire family. You can check out educational exhibits and access the observation deck at the Visitor Center, which is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Note: The dam tour is only open to visitors 8 years old and older, but guests of all ages are welcome to tour the Powerplant.”
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“Huge hiking park with multiple trails of all levels. The main trail is fairly steep and requires endurance.”
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“Scenic views, hiking trails & picnic areas are offered at this home of the country's largest cacti.”
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“Drive through to see the bears and then walk the park to see other animals. A fun experience! ”
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“Great hiking, scenic drives, and photography spots. Hieroglyphics and red rock formations. About an hour from Las Vegas. Make sure to fuel up before you turn off the freeway- there are no services in the park. Great visitor center and paid entry.”
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Historic Site
“If you have time when you’re in or near Las Vegas carve out a day to kayak the Hoover Dam! So peaceful and gorgeous! ”
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“Our family enjoy hiking some of the hundreds of trails in this reserve. plus the views are breathtaking ”
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“The most incredible underground caves in the world. Nothing else like it. Please plan ahead and reserve tickets online in advance.”
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“Visit the ancient Pueblos of Wupatki (tall house) National Monument. This picturesque monument was built around 500 AD and if you listen closely, you will hear the stories whispered in the wind. ”
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State / Provincial Park
“The Tonto Natural Bridge State Park is a must place to visit. They offer few different trails to visit the natural bridge. I recommend you to take the trail through the river especially your older kids will enjoy climbing the rocks and play in the water. They have great picnic site. Wear sturdy sandals. ”
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