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“This is the most important ancient theatre to visit and a unique experience .In the summer,there are great performances(with subtitles in English).About 1.30 hours driving from Athens it is possible to visit the site in the afternoon and then watch the performance.It will be an unforgettable experience,believe us.On the way you can eat at Kavos fish restaurant,one of the best in Greece(see Nafpleion above). You can also combine Epidaurus with Nafpleion as it is on the same direction.”
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“ The Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus, within which the Epidaurus Ancient Theatre is situated, was one of the most extensive sacred sanctuaries in ancient Greece. It belonged to Epidaurus, a small city-state of the Classical period located on the nearby western coast of the Saronic Gulf, where the village of Palea Epidavros (Old Epidaurus) stands today. ”
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“Ride the boat from the pier of Nafplio, the view of the city of Nafplio from the sea is possible !!! Βόλτα με το καραβάκι από την προβλήτα του Ναυπλίου , δίνεται η δυνατότητα της θέας της πόλης του Ναυπλίου από την μεριά της θάλασσας !!!”
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Historic Site
“In Michael Iatrou Street between the church of Aghii Pandes and the modern graveyard, the visitor will find an exceptional sculptured monument, one of the most important of 19th century Greece; known as the lion of Bavaria, which dates from 1840 -1841. The lion, which is carved into the rock on a monumental scale, seems to be sleeping. The sculptor of this beautiful monument was the German, Christian Siegel, who was the first professor of sculpture at Athens Polytechnic. The model for the work was the Lion of Lucerne, by the famous Danish sculptor, Bertel Thorwaldsen.”
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