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Fornødenheder i Antwerp

Art Museum
“Explore this grand residence & workshop of the famous painter slash diplomat Peter Paul Rubens, who slept upright – voluntarily. Located at Wapper 9-11, 2000 Antwerpen. Open Tue – Sun 10:00 – 17:00. ”
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“The Cathedral of Our Lady is an iconic Gothic treasury. It was finished in 1521 after 169 years of construction. Now, after twenty years, the seven-saved church has been restored to its former architectural glory. Today, it holds an impressive collection of major art works, including a series of paintings by Rubens. ”
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“Fashion in Antwerp, a city where fashion is not just followed, but also created. ”
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“Little street lined up with loads of antique / furniture / nicknack stores. Also open every Sunday from noon onwards.”
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“The square "Grote Markt" is the center of the historical center of Antwerp. It's a beautiful square with the town hall. Stroll around in the surrounding streets to see historic Antwerp.”
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Jazz Club
“Daily live jazz music, great beer selection and decent wines, very original decor. A must in Antwerp”
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Shopping Mall
“The "Stadsfeestzaal" was originally built as an impressive event and exhibition hall, until a great fire toured it down in 2000. Only the monumental stairways, the historic façade and the steel roof construction survived the blaze. After years of restoration the architectural masterpiece houses now "Shopping Stadsfeestzaal", in indoor shopping space. The great building alone is definitely worth a visit, even if you don't want to go shopping, and given it's all indoor, perfect for a rainy day!”
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“Every Saturday from 8 till 15u: international market with multicultural food. locals go there to eat "kroket" and drnik a glass of wine. Nice atmosphere.”
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“Together with the Nationalestraat, the center of the fashion district. De Kammenstraat has several smaller authentic clothing stores.”
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Indie Movie Theater
“Cute art-house cinema with international movies, hidden right in the middle of the touristic center. You can have a drink at the bar first, and then take your drink along with you once the movie starts. ”
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“Local boutiques that sell Belgian designers and other big international designers. ”
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“Club right in the middle of the red light district of Antwerp. As the club attracts a wide audience, it's a pretty safe choice for a night out. ”
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“A nice bar with a beautiful terrace in the South of Antwerp. You can also eat affordable meals out there. ”
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“The oldest building in Antwerp, Het Steen is a small castle built in the early middle ages following Viking invasions into Belgium. This structure has worn many hats in its long history, from fortress to maritime museum. The castle currently is closed for renovations, but you'll have great views over the Schelde river. Go there if you're already near the Grote Markt, it's not far. Watch out for: the statue of the giant Lange Wapper”
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“This is the gateway to the historic centre of Antwerp, a grand square with the statue of Rubens on it and the cathedral only a stones throw away.”
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“Bakery, chocolate shop, great clothing stores and the best shoe shop in town 'Sasha'.”
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