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Parker og natur i Amsterdam

De bedste parker

“Vondelpark is the largest city park in Amsterdam, and certainly the most famous park in the Netherlands. Perfect for a sunny day.”
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“Right in the city center, very "gezellig" place for big and small to visit. ”
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“the major museums are all located on this square, also the iconic I AMSTERDAM letters.”
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“The central park of Amsterdam east. Amsterdammers come here to picnic, relax or workout. Two other parks in the area that are certainly worth a visit: the Flevopark (check also our tip Distilleerderij ’t Nieuwe Diep) and the somewhat smaller, quieter Frankendael park. ”
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“Sarphati is named after the Jewish doctor and philanthropist Samuel Sarphati (1813-1866) whose marvelous 19th century monument dominates the park, this small (it stretches for only two blocks) rectangle of green in the middle of trendy "De Pijp" area, is one of the nicest in Amsterdam.”
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“Not just another parc! A parc with good food and drinks. Perfect spot for a bbq (in the summer) or a stroll.”
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“Covering an area of almost 1000 hectares, the Amsterdamse Bos is one of the largest city parks in Europe. It contains 150 indigenous species of trees and over 200 species of birds. The park sits to the South of central Amsterdam and can easily be reached by bike, tram or metro from the city center. ”
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“Beautiful park with flower garden and playground. Also a football field and public barbecues. ”
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“Beautiful park with flower garden and playground. Also a football field and public barbecues. ”
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“A 30 minutes walk and you are in the Amstel Park. This park is a good option when you want to walk out of the city and enjoy some rest. Bring some food and drinks if the weather is good. The locals will enjoy the sun in the parks by lay down and relax. ”
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“Sort of a Candy Castle, but 10 times bigger. It’s enormous. For every age a different section. It’s below the popular Waterloo Square; underground. Tip: combine this trip with a small city tour and all the nice vintage stalls at Waterloo Plein. ”
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“In the summer of 2017, theatre festival The Parade travels through the Netherlands for the 27th year. The Parade offers something for everyone, with over 80 different theatre, music, and dance performances for all ages. 11 – 27 August in Martin Luther Kingpark”
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“In the middle of the Vondelpark, next to blauwe theehuis Very big playground with picknick tables and lunchroom. Great for kids from 2 years and older. You can also sit (without small kids) beside the water and enjoy your lunch on a sunny afternoon. ”
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“Free of charge great place for kids from 2-12 to play outside! Animals there as well!”
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“Very small park where kids can play outside in pool area. Nice if you are close to "the Hallen" area”
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“Where you can get a beer or wine while the kids play in a HUGE playhouse... and drinks and food the kids too ”
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Music Venue
“There is a lot to see and do in Amsterdam, all depending on your taste. If we were in the neighborhood, you could run into us and other locals at Roest. If the weather is nice, nothing beats Amsterdam Roest (5-10 min walk) at Jacob Bontiusplaats. At an old factory location, Roest has a pseudo beach area, a rough edged arty atmosphere and plenty of cold drinks.”
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“Beach of IJburg, chill and relax in nice weather or hangout inside at Haas & Popi.”
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“Beach in the city! Really nice place for some drinks and view on the Beatrixpark”
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Surf Spot
“A quite and lovely place to enjoy the nature, to have a walk, to be st ease, to clear your mind. ”
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“Nice location outside of the city center - Take a bike ride through the Rembrant Park to get there and you are rewarded with a lunch / coffee / dinner next to a large lake! Especially nice in summer”
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“A lot of tiny beaches along the river and lake. Go there by bike you won't regret it.”
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Historic Site
“With hot weather: If you like to have a nice swim very nearby you can jump (a few meters) down into the river IJ at ’het stenen hoofd’ (the head of stone’), lots op people do. And you can climb out (or in…) with steps. Jump where other people do and you’ll be safe, we go there a lot. You can bring your drinks and food or buy something at the small café. Its 4 minutes walk. It's also a nice place just to hang around, have a picknick. Adres: opposite of ‘Westerdoksdijk 715’ ”
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Surf Spot
“Hire windsurfing equipment or take lessons at the only windsurfing centre in Amsterdam where you can windsurf to the horizon! They provide windsurfing lesson for all levels (up to and including becoming a windsurfing instructor). They have windsurfing boards and sails for beginners and for advanced windsurfers.”
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Bike Shop
“I always go here to fix my bicycles; the people that work there are always super friendly and willing to help out. They rent all kinds of bicycles. Not open on Sundays.”
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Bike Trail
“ These aren’t originals but high quality replicas, and are all Rembrandt’s paintings in chronological order. Quite interesting to see how his light changes when he's heartbroken, depressed or in love”
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