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Find ud af, hvad der gør byen unik, med hjælp fra de lokale, der kender den bedst – fra sightseeing til skjulte perler.
“Maybe a bit turistic but a really nice village to visit not far from Portimão!”
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“Great place to enjoy the simplicity and authenticity of Lagos while you're buying your groceries.”
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“In Lagos bay, Meia Praia is the longest, perfect if you like walks on the beach. Connects the Marina with Alvor. Meia Praia in english Half Beach the locals say its because normally you cannot stay all day due to the wind that picks up in the afternoon. ”
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Flea Market
“Castle of Silves Castle of the 15th century with museum in the ancient capital of the Algarve. Silves was also an important city of the Muslim empire (8th century) before the Christian reconquest.”
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“Located in Lagos with a privileged view, a young and familiar atmosphere, restaurant Camilo is mostly known for its regional fish and seafood dishes.”
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“A very impressive castle. One of the best preserved Moorish fortifications in Portugal.”
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“This wonder of nature is one of the best things to see in the Algarve. The beach is most famous for its sensational cave called "Algar de Benagil". This cave has a round hole in the ceiling that frames the beautiful blue sky inside. In low tide there is a beach inside. You can go there swimming or by kayak.”
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Shopping Mall
“Albufeira Shopping is a small shopping centre with a large Continente Hypermarket, a variety of shops and a food court downstairs. Open daily 10.00 to 22.00. ”
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Natural Feature
“Fantastic and isolated beach, white sand, crystalline sea. There´s only a restaurant there, prices are not so good, if you are on a low budget I recommend you bring some snacks with you.”
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“Must love their rooftop terrace and the views! Great bar to have some drinks.”
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“Most accessible and popular beach. You can get there by boat, car or bus nr 14 and 16, and Uber :) This beach is best for sunsets, people say. :D”
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Seafood Restaurant
“Great for fish, meat and regional dishes. Right on the beach! Access by car is a little tricky. Check your maps app and towards the end of the directions follow the road closest to the coast.”
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“Ilha da Culatra is a large sand bar island in the natural park of Ria Formosa, near the town of Olhão. The main attraction of Culatra Island is its beautiful beach, which can be considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of the Algarve. It is the perfect destination for a day trip. The island is part of the Ria Formosa National Park, so it has had very limited development. There are no paved roads on Culatra and the only method to reach the island is by ferry. Along the southern side of the island there are golden beaches, with calm crystal-clear waters and on the northern side are lagoons. The Ilha da Culatra is the perfect location to escape the crowds even in the summer where most of the Algarve is bustling with tourists. Ilha da Culatra is a great place for hiking. You can walk from the village of Culatra all the way to the village of Farol. There are two ways to do this: along the beach, or on a wooden path in the dunes. The walk is about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles). You will see a variety of vegetation and wildlife and will truly appreciate the beauty of this island. You can arrive on Culatra, walk to the beach, and then walk along the sea to the west, all the way to Farol. There you can enjoy a delicious seafood lunch and take the return ferry to Olhão. The island is permanently inhabited by around 1000 people, who mainly live on fishing and tourism. Ilha da Culatra consists of three parts:  Culatra (on the northern banks). Culatra is a small fishing village that is mainly inhabited by fishermen.  Farol (in the west). Farol is a small village with a lighthouse (Farol means lighthouse in Portuguese). This part of the island is sometimes called Ilha do Farol (Farol Island). This name suggests it is another island than Ilha da Culatra, but actually it is a different part of the same island. Culatra and Farol are the only villages on the island.  Hângares. This is named after an old hangar for marine seaplanes. Hângares is a quieter area, with very little infrastructure and few tourists. Ilha da Culatra is connected to the mainland by a small passenger ferries which depart from Olhão or Faro. For both routes there are in excess of 10 departures per day in the high season but drop to only a handful in the winter. Departure times change seasonally (and even weekly) so check locally at ticket office especially for the last return ferry. There are also ferry taxis in the event you miss the final departure, but they are considerably more expensive. From Olhão, the ferries depart from the main jetty and make two stops at Farol (€7.00 return, 45 minutes) and Culatra (€6.00 return, 30 minutes). The distance is short but the journey takes a surprisingly long time due to the shallow waters of the Ria Formosa. The ferry service from Faro departs from the Porta Nova Pier and connects to Farol (€5.00 return, 30 minutes) and Culatra (€6.00 return, 40 minutes). ”
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Place to eat
“The Municipal Markets of Olhão, one of the ex-libris of the city of Olhão, began to be built in 1912, being inaugurated four years later. For almost a century they are one of the postcards of Olhão and a must-see for tourists and residents.”
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“Here you can drink the best, fancy and delicious cocktails in Algarve, they won prizes for their cocktails”
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Shopping Mall
“This is the Largest Mall in the Algarve, good for shopping, has a supermarket, IKEA, cinemas, food court, everything you can think of. Good for a rainy day. Opens 10am... Closes at 12:00 Midnight so open late. Movie theaters open till even later!”
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