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Top recommendations from locals

“The Glenbow Museum hosts the history of Alberta including a museum of over 33,000 pieces of art work, history on Military, Mounted police, also Native North America. Displays of precious stones and semi precious stones and minerals from around the world.. ”
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History Museum
“Calgary history in one place. Has an old tram that takes you from lower parking lots to entrance. Once inside the park there are rides and restaurants and exhibits from the last century.”
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Gift Shop
“A smaller gallery but always really good work showcased. Also offers drop in art classes for all ages. Check website for calendar.”
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Science Museum
“This place is good for kids and families. You can learn about science, technology, engineering at the Centre. Educational for children, you can spend a whole day in, it also has movies. Check show time in the front desk. ”
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“Beautiful indoor botanic gardens in stunning pyramid architecture. Must see for first time visitors, and great to take Instagram worthy pictures! ”
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“5 floors of hands on exhibitions. Home of the Kimball Theatre Organ, one of the few remaining theatre organs in the world, which is played twice daily, at 12 and 3 pm. If you can, make sure you time your visit accordingly! You can easily spend half a day here.”
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Science Museum
“IMAX theater, hands-on science exhibits and star-gazing in the adjoining planetarium.”
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“plan to spend at least half a day exploring Alberta's history. cafe on-site or pack a lunch. Pay parking nearby or take transit.”
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Art Gallery
“If you love Art, then take a walk (one block) and enjoy the Kelowna Art Gallery”
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Art Gallery
“If you want to see some of Golden's art & culture, try to pass by this art gallery and see the beautiful culture of Golden BC. ”
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Tourist Information Center
“Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Interpretive Centre is a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site that preserves and interprets over 6,000 years of Plains Buffalo culture. Through vast landscapes, exhibits, and diverse programming, learn about the cultural significance of this cliff to the Plains People.”
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“A must see! Amongst the first settlers to the area, Corneilius O'Keef built his ranch near the head of Okanagan Lake. The historical settlement boasts a church, general store, school house, livery and more....”
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Art Gallery
“Come cool off in the air conditioning while you view various art installations. Purchase locally made art souvenirs a the gift shop. Don't forget to go around back and spend some time in the peacefully Ikeda Japanese gardens with Koi pond. ”
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“Check out it while it's still here! The museum is currently getting a brand new building but for now check out this treasure and all its' treasures...”
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“It is a very modern library that just opened to the public this year. It is more than just a library. Inside, it has playgrounds, game for kids, remarkable arts and amazing building design, and may more. They often host events on the first floor. ”
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History Museum
“This is the largest tri-service museum in western canada and the second largest military museum in the country. See www.themilitarymuseums.ca”
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