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De bedste parker i Alameda County

“Tilden Park, one of East Bay Regional Park District's 3 oldest parks, offers more than 2,000 acres for outdoor adventure. Activities include a Botanic Garden, Environmental Center, Merry-Go-Round, Steam Train, Lake Anza and Tilden Park Golf Course. Entrances are off Wildcat Canyon Rd. and Grizzly Peak Blvd.”
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“Lake Merritt is a great place to take a walk around the lake and get a feel for the local community. The weekends with nice weather are especially good!”
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“A million hiking trails, many options for various ability levels. Wonderful views of the Bay Area.”
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“Filoli takes you back in France. Beautiful gardens set in European flavor. Great for meditating, walking a romantic stroll and bring a hat. Best in spring where the flowers are in bloom. The fee is about $20/person approx. Please check out the times online.”
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“A great spot to watch the sunset - free and fun to walk into to look at the flowers as well ”
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“Beautiful and unusual park set in a stunning nook of the Berkeley Hills. Enjoy an uphill urban hike from Downtown Berkeley amongst stunning architecture and plant life. Arrive at Indian Rock park for sweeping views of the bay and San Francisco from atop a massive boulder. ”
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“The redwoods are amazing and your don't have to deal with the crowds at Muir woods”
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“Dog friendly trail right by the water with a great view of the city. Grab some coffee and food at the "Sit and Stay" coffee shop. ”
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“A beautiful manmade lake surrounded by our own Central Park. Great place for family fun with boat rentals etc during summer. It has a lovely and scenic trail that goes around the lake.”
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“For the experienced hiker, this is a hike worth the strain. Go before dawn for a breathtaking view of the bay.”
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“Various length and difficulty.. great views of the bay and San Francisco in the distance”
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Music Venue
“One of the truly great botanical gardens on the West Coast. Don't miss the redwood grove across the street from the garden itself. Access is given by the ticket office. Concerts played in the grove during summer months. Also the site of many weddings.”
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“A nice, easy but gently hilly walk along the water. Enjoy views of San Francisco and all sorts of native wildlife.”
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“It is so close and easy to enjoy this park, parking is limited but it is wonderful to watch the sunset ”
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“Nothing beats fresh air and a beautiful lake. Great for long/short hikes around the lake with paved/unpaved trails, fishing, biking, kayaking, or maybe just sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee. It was the training ground for my Marathon. ”
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Harbor / Marina
“Lots of camping areas, nice walking, cycling paths, large picnic areas, tables and grills available, marina. Well maintained areas. Good for day use or overnight camping. Great place for a picnic, family gathering. Last but not least, big planes. ”
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