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Sightseeing i Saint-Denis

“Did you know that the northern suburbs of Paris contain one of the most beautiful of France's historical treasures? The Basilica of Saint-Denis houses the tombs of every French king since Dagobert, and is the most incredible royal necropolis in the world. Within the basilica, you will discover more than 1,500 years of history, featuring the tombs of no less than 43 kings and 32 queens. Their monumental tombs are arranged underneath both the Gothic vaults of the cathedral and the Romanesque vaults of the crypt. Largely unknown to the general public, the Basilica of Saint-Denis truly deserves to be visited in the same way as the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. Often overlooked, it is the finest monu”
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“Basilique royale, tombeaux des rois de France Royal basilica, tombs of the kings of France”
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