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Tech Startup
“A spot to go during the weekends. Lots of people doing acroyoga, dancing, juggling etc. A lot of fun!”
  • 335 lokale anbefaler
History Museum
“A charming museum that traces the history of the districtand of the history of the legendary Montmartre artistic bohemian.”
  • 116 lokale anbefaler
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Art Museum
“while walking in the Saint Pierre Market area, it is a nice place to have a look around. they usually have good exhibitions”
  • 135 lokale anbefaler
“le 104 is a contemporary art center, located just at the end of my street. Super fun to hang out there, a big FAME vide due to all the kids coming to practice their dance moves and singing.”
  • 63 lokale anbefaler
Art Museum
“Welcome to Espace Dalí, close to the Place du Tertre, in the artistic district of Montmartre. The permanent exhibition offers the largest collection in France of sculptures, engravings and lithographs created by Salvador Dalí, the master of Surrealism. Here we can discover an artist who wished to capture the great themes as he saw them in such works as The Persistence of Memory, but also the Venus Spatiale, an embodiment of beauty, Dali-style. Here we can also enjoy the designer who applied his unique visionary conceptions to everyday objects, as demonstrated by his Boca Canapé, the famous Mae West Lips Sofa.”
  • 60 lokale anbefaler
“Very good brunch. The menu is made by a german cook. Inside there is also an art library and a space for art exhibitions.”
  • 37 lokale anbefaler
“This brand new place is dedicated to street art and urban culture. You will find there a street art museum (claiming to be the world largest street art museum), live street art, food trucks, a roller derby/party ring, dj sets...”
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“Cultural centre where people can express their creativity freely and exchange with each other”
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Historic Site
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“Récemment sauvé d'une mort certaine par le chanteur de Pulp, ce lieu permet de voir et d'essayer toutes sortes d'appareils d'enregistrements sonores à-travers les siècles. // Recently saved by Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), this small collection of recording machines from as far back as the 1st century is the best-sounding museum in Paris.”
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“Museum of Montmartre. Quite interesting with explanations about the origins or this neighborhood”
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“Lieu éphémère, libre et curieux. Pour déjeuner, dîner ou prendre un verre. ”
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