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De bedste restauranter i Bordeaux

Farmers Market
“The biggest food market in Bordeaux open from Tuesdays to Sundays with the most stalls over the weekend. Here you can find local producers as well as specialized stalls serving food and drinks.”
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“Traditionnel ou pizza, il y en a pour tous les goûts. Et la vue de la terrasse sur le toit est superbe. Parfait pour y déjeuner le midi aussi. Traditional or pizza, there is something to eat for everyone. And the view from the rooftop is superb. Perfect for lunch at noon too.”
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French Restaurant
“THE place to have a good dinner and the classical T BONE steak from Bordeaux. Also a very good selection of wines !”
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Italian Restaurant
“L'une des meilleures pizzeria sur Bordeaux The first and the best pizzeria”
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“Le 4e mur is probably one of the most legit speakeasy in Montreal. Location is well kept secret, when you look for it on Google maps, it just gives you the whole of Montreal as a location. Here's how to go: Head over to the corner of St-Denis and Ontario st. just north of Ontario st, look for a door that says "Agence de Detectives" on it. Once you're in, you're surrounded by brick walls. Look for a brick that you can press on... the door to 4e mur will open if you find it.”
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“Un menu unique d’Entrecôte mais d’une qualité exceptionnelle ! La queue devant le restaurant est gage de son succès. A unique menu of Entrecote but of exceptional quality! The queue in front of the restaurant is proof of its success.”
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“Restaurant de poissons et fruits de mer avec une carte très riche qui met littéralement l'eau à la bouche ;-) Ce lieu est très agréable et convivial avec sa petite terrasse et son esprit cantine dans une des plus jolie rue du quartier St Pierre. Fish and seafood restaurant with a very rich menu that literally makes your mouth water ;-) This place is very pleasant and friendly with its small terrace and canteen spirit in one of the prettiest street in the St Pierre district.”
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Asian Restaurant
“La cantine thaï / indonésienne bordelaise. Thaï food, famous place in Bordeaux.”
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“Great place to taste wine from all over the world in the middle of the city center- lovely!”
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“Quelque soit le jour (à part le dimanche) vous ne serez pas déçus par l'ambiance If you like musica latina this place is for you. We highly recommend”
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Breakfast Spot
“Delicious menu that changes regularly, but always a bit unusual and always tasty! Really French, with exposed walls, big wooden tables and beautiful detailing.”
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“Le plus agréable restaurant des quais de Garonne avec une aire de jeux attenante pour les enfants”
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French Restaurant
“Two young couples restaurateurs from the 4 corners of the world. After the Ferrandi School in Paris, they each went their side on the planet and their arrival in Bordeaux is exceptional.”
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“- L'Estacade : Quai des Queyries, across the river, directly on the river. Maybe not the greatest restaurant in town, but very probably the best view! ”
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“Pour les dinners à deux, deco super mignonne. Très prisé. Pensez à réserver si possible. ”
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Seafood Restaurant
“Very good restaurant with fresh and local seafruits and vegetables. A taste of the Bassin d'Arcachon in your plate!”
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