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“Go to the Vineyard to enjoy their vast collection of vines from all over the world. If you got some time to plan ahead, sign up for one of their taster evening. You get to taste several wines which are accompanied by yummy snacks.”
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“It is a restaurant with delicious lunch menus. But is is also my favorite little coffee place to just relax, read a good book and people watch. ”
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“If you need any pills, antibiotics, medicines or anything more trivial such as plasters. then this Pharmacy is ideal. It is open till 24:00.”
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“They serve great coffee, great wine and artsy beers. Right in front of the apt. so just go by for one drink one day :)”
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“If you need meds, this one is usually open during weekdays and sometimes has emergency services. There is a 24 hour pharmacy nearby off Osterstrasse as well.”
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Deli / Bodega
“If you feel like cooking something nice and fancy but the inspiration isn't really there, go to Kochhaus! They sell food by the menu with everything you need to prepare a lovely meal at home. And the nicest part is that they sell it all already measured, so no waste in the end of the cooking.”
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Liquor Store
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“Sehr freundliche und kompetente Kinderärztin. Im Notfall auch kurzfristige Termine.”
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Gourmet Shop
“Even open on Sundays, Bread, Vegetables, Fruits, everything you'll need for breakfast etc”
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