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Top recommendations from locals

“It´s just around the corner from Hauptbahnhof. They have a few exhibitions at the same time. You pay one price and can visit all.”
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Art Gallery
“My favourite exhibition space for arts and photography. If you are in to Japanese cuisine you might want to check out the family run restaurant Daruma just behind Deichtorhallen. Do not expect anything but lovely and loud Japanese owners from Kansai area ( they are much more cheerful than the ones from Tokyo area) and authentic pub cuisine such as handrolled sushi, Tempura, meat skewers and Japanese beer and sake. Nothing fancy but super down to earth authentic and yummy Japanese street food!”
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Art Gallery
“International contemporary art and photography, 10 minutes walk from main station.”
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Art Gallery
“The northern Deichtorhalle is devoted to contemporary art. Prominent here is the art of painters, sculptors and designers. Regular exhibitions deal with culture and everyday themes, as well as historical cultural themes. In the Haus der Photographie one can find as a permanent loan the collection of famous fashion photographer F.C Gundlach. In addition, the photo archive of Spiegel magazine can be found in the Haus der Photographie. It is the largest accessible archive of journalistic research in Germany. The two collections are furthermore complemented by various photography exhibitions.”
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Art Museum
“My favorite exhibition space in hamburg. Contemporary artists, usually not the very big names.”
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