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Historic Site
“At the intersection of Zimmerstraße and Friedrichstraße, Checkpoint Charlie is still an impressive reminder of Germany's most famous former border crossing and the time of the Cold War. Today the wall has disappeared and the watchtowers and barriers of the former military checkpoint have been replaced by replicas, which are amongst Berlin's most popular photo themes. Experience the whole history in the Wall Museum or take a fast Trabitour along the former course of the Wall.”
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Monument / Landmark
“A place of contemplation, a place of remembrance and warning. Close to the Brandenburg Gate in the heart of Berlin, you will find the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe”
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“The magnificent dome of the Cathedral Church (Berliner Dom) is one of the main landmarks in Berlin’s cityscape – and marks the spot of the impressive basilica housing the city’s most important Protestant church. With its elaborate decorative and ornamental designs, the church interior is especially worth seeing.”
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Capitol Building
“Climbing up the dome and seeing the federal parliament at work is one of Berlin's most popular attractions. This is unfortunately not as convenient to access as it once was. It remains free but visitors need to book a few days in advance through the Bundestag website.”
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Capitol Building
“Neo-Renaissance style parliament building with a Norman Foster glass dome and panoramic city views.”
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Capitol Building
“ If you are in Berlin, one of my highlights is the German Reichstag. The visit there can be combined with a breakfast or lunch in the Käfer restaurant. However, you have to book in advance. It is worth it!”
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Historic Site
“A point of interest for anyone who wants to learn a little about Checkpoint Charlie. It is quite commercial but still a place to pass by when visiting Berlin for the first time, as not much from the wall of the checkpoint are left in the area. Further down you will see a checkpoint with some people dressed up as DDR and American soldiers, with whom you can take a picture for a fee. There is also a sign saying you are leaving/entering the Soviet/American sectors, which is always cute for those touristy photos everyone takes. Open every day from 9:00 to 22:00.”
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Monument / Landmark
“This gate made history. Read up about it before you go, you will defenitely enjoy it even more. Amongst many others, Ronald Reagan once stood there and made his famous speech in which he said: "tear down this wall" in support to the people of West Berlin that were cut off from their families in East Berlin after the Berlin wall was built.”
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Historic Site
“Former border crossing point with permanent exhibition on everyday life in divided Germany.”
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Monument / Landmark
“One of Berlin's most famous sights, the Brandenburg Gate. Rising up from behind the Berlin Wall, it was a potent symbol of Berlin's division. ”
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“it's fun to walk around there - pretty neighborhood. And Pergamonmuseum is it worth to pay the entry ;) Also you can take a romantic boot tour to get an overview”
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Monument / Landmark
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Memorial Site
“Monument to the Sinti and Roma of Europe murdered during National Socialism.”
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