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There is plenty of on-street parking.
There is plenty of on-street parking.
  • There is plenty of on-street parking.
  • The street where I live. Lovely.
  • Welcome!
  • The bed is very comfortable and the room is right next to the bathroom.
  • A sunny place to enjoy your meal! (Please don't eat in the rooms.)
  • Claire enjoying the porch swing!
  • Beautiful Olde Towne East Home close to Downtown
  • Oliver, my baby. Very sweet but noisy!
  • Arlene and Tessie bonded!
  • Tessie--sweet dog with very deep bark!
  • New restaurant! Good diner food without all the grease! A 10 minute walk.
  • 20 days not speaking each other's language! Sweet! I don't know how to spell but phonetically it is Pinchu.
  • Ricardo L. and I at the Topiary Garden.
  • Zoe's topiary garden
  • The Topiary Park is a must see--especially since it's a walk able distance from my home. It's unique.
  • Shelli, me and Oliver hanging out.
  • Our beautiful Ohio Theater is very close to my home.
  • Plenty to do!
  • Both guest rooms have an air conditioner.
  • Franklin Conservatory is situated on Franklin Park, a 5 minute drive from here.
  • You have a sense of humor, right?
  • It's a 10 minute walk to get to this location for bike to rent. Or drive your car close by and pick up one of the bikes.
  •  A 5 minute walk to the pizza store. They make their pizzas from scratch. They're good.
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There is plenty of on-street parking.