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Honeymoon/Executive Suite Bay Side Bed & Breakfast

SuperhostRichmond, Californien, USA
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We are taking a short break from hosting. Check back with us this Spring.

When taking into account the waterfront views, the amenities, and the overall ambiance of this suite, no 5-star hotel can compare nor compete for this price.

This suite itself is situated on the ground floor of a home designed by renowned architect Donald Olsen. The previous (and original) owner of the home was a photographer by trade and, therein, friends with Ansel Adams & Georgia O’keeffe--who used this suite as their secluded getaway.

As shown by our reviews, the suite is ideal for quiet, romantic getaways with breathtaking sunsets, and even more impressive moonsets that glistens on the water between Angel Island and Marin. Whether you are in front of the open fire on the terrace overlooking the water, or indoors in front of the remote-control gas fireplace; the romance isn’t subject to the weather; and, watching the ships come and go from the nearby dock, or falling asleep to the distant ship horns and fog horns adds to the uniqueness of this maritime retreat.

Our 5-star rating not only comes by way of our services and amenities, but more so because of the serene, country setting—an oasis in the heart of the Bay Area. Your terrace and entryway is situated on a quiet country lane with beautiful views of Mount Tamalpais, Marin County, the Golden Gate Bridge, and San Rafael Bridge. And, being this close to the water provides a nearly-constant and always fresh sea breeze through the front sliding doors, and out the back windows.

Point Richmond is the PERFECT MID-POINT between San Francisco and Sonoma/Napa (the wine country). NOTE: Several of our guests have voiced their regret for booking both here AND in Napa (for their SanFran/Napa vacations) because of inconvenience, the traffic, the summer heat, and the price & condition of their Napa accommodations. The Point sits on the northern edge of the bay, always cool, wherein travel between here and Napa runs counter to rush-hour traffic (6am to 9:30am and 4pm to 6:30pm)--making it MUCH more efficient to stay here and drive to Napa (a very scenic 45 mins).

For THE PERFECT setting and ambiance, time your Napa excursion just right to return and enjoy a bottle of that Napa wine on the terrace by the fire during sunset (or moonset on the bay)! For SanFran, simply take the Larkspur Ferry (10 minutes away), then sail past Marin, Angel Island, Alcatraz (enjoying spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge), arriving at the San Francisco Ferry Building where everything is in walking distance. It certainly beats fighting traffic to drive there, parking congestion, and San Francisco parking prices). Again, it is the perfect location for BOTH SanFran and Napa Wine Country venues.

Point Richmond has a very unique micro-climate: When San Francisco, Marin County, Oakland, and even Richmond are typically socked in with fog; Angel Island deflects the fog, rendering the Point bright and sunny, with an ever-present cool breeze off the water. Our highs seldom go above the mid-80s, while the overnight lows hover in the 50s. Bring a jacket. California heat waves typically don't affect us: this is a steadily-cool, very refreshing micro-climate. [During the summer, Napa can be very hot, while San Fran can be very cold. Point Richmond provides the perfect middle ground.]

All bookings include complimentary breakfast foods (that you will prepare) if you wish. These include Organic Eggs (and all that you need for fresh omelets); Organic Whole Wheat Bread/Toast (butter/jam); Pancakes (butter and syrup); Fruit (Oranges for fresh-squeezed juice); Coffee (whole bean dark roast or decaf); Tea (Earl Grey and other assorted flavors). Please fill out the Breakfast Confirmation Sheet either Accepting or Declining so that we can have them stocked in the refrigerator upon your arrival.

You can have up to one (1) additional guest (for a total of 3 guests) if the guests are declared before booking. We can bring in a third bed that we will prepare before your arrival. The additional cost is $25/day. However, a third bed requires the removal of furniture from the suite, and it becomes a bit crowded.

See House Rules and read carefully BEFORE booking with pets. Limit: 1 pet

By booking with a pet, you are confirming that you have read, fully understand, and agree with the very simple policy. If you click "Instant Booking", but then find you cannot comply with the Pet Policies, it may cost you the applicable cancellation fees.

As this is a VERY CLEAN, yet pet-friendly unit; and, we have two dogs that are well-trained and extremely clean in our home (upstairs). If you have a high sensitivity or allergies to pets, you may want to book somewhere else--despite our thoroughness in cleaning. The suite is entirely stone finish throughout, and wiped down after visitors with pets, therefore non-detectable--unless you are hyper-allergenic.

California has seen a surge in the Argentine sugar ants, which make their way in and out of homes depending on weather patterns. It is a very tiny, non-biting ant. As it is an invasive species, so don't feel too bad in culling its numbers. We experience them from time to time, (about 3 to 4 times per year, in conjunction with the changing seasons, or drought conditions--wherein they make their way to sinks and water faucets) . TO THESE ENDS, we provide clearly-marked bottles of non-poisonous, FOOD-GRADE Essential Oil mixtures consisting of Oregano, Thyme, Clove, Cinnamon, and Orange oils, which kills these ants on contact, while blocking their entry point for up to 24 hours. Use the food-grade spray liberally, and it smells great! The best way to avoid seeing them, however, is to seal up food and put it away, and wipe up all food and standing water. The cleaner you are (in the kitchen), the more scarce they are during the high-impact season.

If, by chance, you feel your vacation experience would be impeded by a possible "very slight" encounter with these tiny, non-aggressive ants, then we recommend you book where they treat their properties with stronger chemicals. On the positive side of the coin, you can have full confidence in the fact that you are entering a non-toxic, nature-friendly, poison-free environment, where you are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

CLEANERS/DISINFECTANTS: Several studies show that these food-grade essential oils are also far more effective at killing bacteria, germs, e. coli, molds and fungus, than poisonous chemicals; so feel free to spray and wipe the counters or floor spills with this spray. It freshens the room, disinfects, while keeping the ants away. SHAKE WELL before using. SAFETY: As this class of oils are categorized as volatile, this mixture cause severe discomfort if it comes in contact with your eyes or mucous membrane. Just like black pepper, if you get some on your hands, don't wipe your eyes without washing your hands--and even then, don't wipe your eyes until it dissipates from your hands.

This suite is also ideal for traveling executives who need a meeting facility (for up to 8 people), which then transforms into a bedroom.

The suite is equipped with fiber-optic and wireless Internet: network name and password are located on the front page of the Suite Orientation Booklet in the suite.

There is a 40" wall-mounted TV, audio/visual hook-ups, and DVD player. We also have overhead projectors, whiteboard, dry-erase pens, and other presentation hardware (and software) available at no additional cost. A 50ft-long HDMI cable enable you to project your computer onscreen for work , presentations, or for streaming your Netflix or Hulu movies from the bed, couch, or kitchen table. The TV service consists of local channels only--no cable channels.

The bed is a Queen-size 10-inch spring mattress. Protective mattress pad and hypo-allergenic pillow protectors are always guaranteed fresh (with the towels and linens), which are washed and steamed (disinfected) with essential oils.

The Kitchen is fully equipped for entertaining (including refrigerator/freezer, oven, stove top, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, blender, toaster; setting for six, including two sizes of wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers, etc.; utensils for cooking and eating; pots, pans, casserole dishes, pitchers, serving dishes; full range of spices in the spice garden just outside your door.

Your private laundry room is stocked with detergent, towels and linens; iron and ironing board (professional steamer upstairs if needed) lint brushes, and vacuum.

The bathroom is stocked with towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and a hairdryer.

The private terrace is fully furnished with seating, fire pit, skewers, with plenty of wood or briquettes here on the premises.

Key-pick up protocol, private parking access, and check-in is carefully detailed in the Guest Packet we will email you upon booking. Please read and closely adhere to the parking instructions. Generally, the Suite will be unlocked upon your arrival. If not, we will inform you beforehand how to enter the suite.

Andre ting, der er værd at bemærke

So that we can continue to offer this high-end unit as a pet-friendly suite, our offer is for RESPONSIBLE pet owners ONLY (i.e they who have FULL and COMPLETE confidence in their pet's ability to comply with the follow tenets of the policy. Again, we expect FULL and EXACT compliance to these tenets, so that other RESPONSIBLE pet owners can continue to enjoy this suite. If the pet is found not to be in compliance with these tenets upon check-in or throughout the stay, we reserve the right to cancel your stay without refund. We love pets, but only those who have RESPONSIBLE owners--which attributes are clearly detectable (in both the owners and the pet):

1) Pet fee is a one-time fee of $25 (not per day).

2) One pet only.

3) The pet is not to be left in the suite alone. The are two exceptions for this: 1) The pet can only be left alone in the suite if you have a kennel and the pet is able to be kenneled without engaging in endless barking. We have a Kennel available for a one-time fee of $25, but prefer that you bring your own kennel, so that the pet is already accustomed to his/her kennel. IF you do not have a kennel and and feel you need one, we must know this upon booking; and 2) You must inform us beforehand, when you are leaving the pet alone, and when you plan to return. You must have full confidence that your pet can remain in the kennel outside of your presence for the time that you plan on being away--without any issue. Keep in mind, that the pet must be experienced in staying in a kennel for that period of time in a strange place. [We realize that anomalies exist with pets. We simply ask that you KNOW your pet will be calm given whatever circumstances you create during your stay.]

4) The pet cannot be a prone to slobbering. If we note that the pet is prone to slobbering at check-in, or any time during the stay, we reserve the right to cancel your stay (or remainder of our stay) without refund.

5) Pet's cannot be on the bed or furniture AT ANY TIME. Appropriately sized pets can be on your lap while on the furniture. (This tenet is crucial for our non-pet guest, which compliance keeps the pet hairs out of the fibers of the furniture and linens--which the washing machines do not remove. If we see that they are on the furniture, you will be asked to leave, without refund. Again, it is out of consideration for our non-pet guests that you strictly comply with this tenet. We enforce this policy.

6) If your dog is high-strung and continually barks and/or scratches the widow or woodwork around the window at the slightest disturbance, then we advise you not to book here. For example, when you arrive with a dog, our very friendly dogs will most likely bark as a natural reaction to protecting their turf. However, after the initial barking, they will stop. As will yours. This is natural. We are not opposed to barking; we are opposed to continual barking with no cause or impetus, or continual barking with very little impetus, wherein you are not able to able to quiet your dog. Limited, yet controllable barking is just fine. Continual, uncontrollable barking will result in our asking you to leave--without refund. Also note, Point Richmond is a dog community with lots of owners walking dogs, in the public gardens near the suite (50 yards away). If your dog is high-strung to bark at each passerby, you should consider booking elsewhere.

7) Puppies: In that a puppy has no "experiential track record"; and whereas your experience with (and, therefore confidence in) that puppy is limited, we recommend that you do not book with a puppy; with very limited exceptions. If you book with a puppy, you are booking at your own risk. The puppy must be kenneled at all times unless it is on your lap, or outside. It cannot be left in the suite alone, ever--even in a kennel. A puppy will require a $100 deposit, which will be forfeited if it fails to comply with the above policy tenets.

The most important aspect of our pet policy is that you know your pet and have both the experience and confidence in its ability to conform to these necessary tenets. Communication with us is key. We will work with you where possible, but this is not the "training grounds" for you pet. They must already be trained in these aspects BEFORE booking.

Note: We have all kinds of wildlife here (with lots of skunks). If your dog is sprayed. Contact us immediately, we have the recipe and supplies to eradicate the smell from your pet. If sprayed, do not let it back into the suite until we have helped you to clean your pet. If we are not home, the instructions are listed on a sheet in the Guest Orientation book.


In our first three months of hosting, we have spent substantial monies on mailing to people things they have left behind. More expensive than the postage, however, is the time this has taken out of our day to package the items, take them to the post office, and wait in line--even in this small town. Because of this (and in lieu of our no cleaning fee policy), the packaging/postage/delivery fees are as follows:

For items that fit into the USPS Priority Mail Envelope: $25 + Postage

For larger items that require custom packaging: $50 + Postage

For items that require overnight care/urgency: $100 + Postage

NOTE: Our area tends to have a high-rate of mail theft, therein requiring us to go to the post office and wait in line...therefore we need to charge for this massive inconvenience and loss of time.

Payment must be received before we ship the item, via (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) or credit card. Instructions:

1) Email or Text your mailing address
2) For credit card processing, call or text me with your credit card number.
3) For (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) payment, I will text you that destination email account.

We will provide a tracking number, but take no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

PLEASE be sure to check the suite to ensure that you have not left anything behind. We apologize for these steep fees, but we are losing precious time (and money) waiting in the post office line.
We are taking a short break from hosting. Check back with us this Spring.

When taking into account the waterfront views, the amenities, and the overall ambiance of this suite, no 5-star hotel can compare nor compete for this price.

This suite itself is situated on the ground floor of a home designed by renowned architect Donald Olsen. The previous (and original) owner of the home was a photographer by trade and, therein, friends with Ansel Adams & Georgia O’keeffe--who used this suite as their secluded getaway.

As shown by our reviews, the suite is ideal…


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Richmond, Californien, USA

Just outside your door and across the driveway is a world-class Wave Garden, a professionally designed and landscaped botanical garden with informatively-labeled vegetation, which garden pathway takes you to the shoreline. There are benches along the shoreline also offering magnificent full or partial views of the bay for relaxation and meditation.

Our oasis is teaming with wildlife both on land (wild turkeys, foxes, raccoon, osprey, etc.) and in the Bay, which provides great swimming for those who like a refreshing 60-to-65-degree dip, with the occasional visit by a seal or two, seasonal herring spawns, sea rays, and a plethora of ocean birds.

Within a 15-minute walk from the suite is the Miller/Knox Wilderness Park, which provides beach access, fishing piers, and mountainous hikes that overlook the Bay Area.

Point Richmond is a destination location for the Bay Area. Our quaint "downtown" consists of about 3 small blocks teeming with restaurants, pubs, live music, and live theater. Also keep in mind that the suite has a fully stocked kitchen. There are two grocery stores that have everything needed to create your own romantic dining experience on your own private terrace overlooking the bay and the two bridges. If this is more your style, then plan to be here before those two grocery stores close; Santa Fe Market will be your first choice; you can (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) or call them for closing hours in order to sync with your trip.
Just outside your door and across the driveway is a world-class Wave Garden, a professionally designed and landscaped botanical garden with informatively-labeled vegetation, whic…

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This property is currently in litigation, and therefore closed through much of 2021. As soon as it is freed up, we will unblock the dates. Sorry for the inconvenience: this is SUCH a great vacation property.
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