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Please read the description carefully and chat me first to submit passports+tickets+salary receipts+to let me put my cleaning deposit and extra charges that you want to have for your stay in your pricing before submitting a booking request. If you submit a booking request without chatting me first=no reading my description=I will do inspections in your studio anytime I want as it depends on my own schedules in those days+electricity cut

Please chat to contact me first to ask the availability and to add the optional amenities you want and the cleaning deposit in the price and to email your passports and travel documents like (flight/train/bus) tickets OR car number+car paper+ municipality address registration in case you travel to the Netherlands using a car.

If you are from the EU, you can provide me the EU id from your member state instead of passport. If you are from outside the EU, I ask your visa and all tickets and accomodations booking itineraries during your stay within the EU.

Besides I ask your salary receipt, If you do not have ticket leaving the Netherlands, I also ask reference from your current employee for your good behavior and your housing contract if you live in a rental housing or purchase agreement if you live in a house that you have purchased.

Please dont submit a booking request without contacting me first because
Booking requests submitted without prior contact will have the pricing that does not yet include the optional amenities and the cleaning deposit. The pricing that does not include optional amenities means that the optional amenities I wrote in the description will not be provided for you during your stay.

In addition, the pricing that does not include the cleaning deposit will make me have to do daily inspection in your studio to make sure you maintain the cleaning during your stay and this inspection can be at anytime i want because i will need to match it with my own schedules on those days of inspections. If during the cleaning inspection i find out that you do not take care the cleaning of the accomodation properly, i will have to deduct the deposit from the value of the electricity from 10pm-10am that is already in the price and this will result electricity cut until you pay the cleaning deposit via the resolution center the amount of 50€. The electricity will not be put on until this deposit amount is paid, this is why I write in the title that the electricity is not included. The value of this cut electricity will not be refunded even after you pay the cleaning deposit. Therefore please please chat me first before submitting a booking request as otherwise it will raise check in and stay issues that all in all will just waste our time and energy.

I have not yet put all in the price because I, besides do not know in advance if you want to have all the optional amenities because, for example you prefer to bring your own pillows and blankets, and in any case I have to divide the Cleaning deposit on the amounts of days of your stay and every booking can have different amount of days. And of course if you and the second and the third guests are students, i can give you discounts by emailing the student cards. So the pricing situation between each booking may be different.

Just like if you are the one who rent your place to me, I look for guests who will not only respect the place itself, but also respect my expectations which include house rules and hosting requirements. My house rules are like common house rules including locking the doors after your use and no noise disturbance and no smoking inside and no inviting people.

My hosting requirements include 2 major matters Which are the submission of the required documents and the cleaning deposit. The documents submission requirement is my requirement to receive your email containing your passport (and from your second guest-the person you bring to be staying with you)+your travelling ducuments like your bus/train/flight tickets that you use to come and leave the Netherlands and your salary receipt or student cards. If you do not have ticket leaving the Netherlands, I also ask reference from your current employee for your good behavior.

If you travel use a car, i require the photo of your+ car number+the car paper+the municipality address registration showing that you live in another country and that the car is yours or from your husband or parent living in the same address like you. If the car paper shows that you are the owner of the car, then the official municipality address registration is no longer required. The passports are to be used as reference from my guests registration required by the municipality and as required by my neighbours so that they know that I know who are staying in my place.
You may have done through airbnb verifications and submit your identity through Airbnb, but those verifications and indentity are only for the use of airbnb itself, so Airbnb does not share with the hosts, including me. This is why I ask directly the photos of the passports from you. Your travel documents are to let me know what time your arrival time in the Netherlands in your check in day and what time your departure time from the Netherlands in your check out day so that I can make myself available in those time frames in those days. Besides to let me know when in which time frames i need to be available for you in your check in date and in your check out date, the travel documents requirement is to indicate that you do not live in the Netherlands. So In case you have not bought the tickets, you can show that you do not live in the Netherlands by submitting a municipality address registration to show that you live in another country and you can submit the tickets after you purchase them.

These bus/train/flight tickets should be the ticket to enter (in your check in day) and to depart from the Netherlands (in your check out day) Which both are to indicate that you do not live in the Netherlands. If you want to combine your visit in the Netherlands with a stay in other accomodations and therefore your check in date and/or your check out date are not the same as the arrival and/or the departure date in your tickets, I ask you to submit the booking proofs of those accomodations too. So the dates in the submitted documents must be in coherence and matched to indicate that you do not live in the Netherlands. If you happen to stay in your family or friends during your visit in the Netherlands and therefore there are no booking proofs of the accomodations you are staying at, please submit their municipality address registrations.

If you live in the Netherlands, to avoid any security issues to me and my neighbourhood, and to other guests staying in the other studio, I require the salaries receipts from the last 6 months + your municipality address registration.

My documents submission requirement is merely for security measure my own place and for my neighbours and my neighbourhood and of course my hosts collegaues i feel responsible for. This documents requirement is my first hosting requirements.

My second hosting requirement is the adding of the cleaning deposit in the price. I expect my guests to deliver the accomodation cleaned before the check out. If you deliver the space cleaned before the check out, i will refund the cleaning deposit within 3 or 4 weeks after your check out.

Just like if I am the one staying as your guest in your place, you expect me to fulfill your requirements, especially if you have informed beforehand just like me writing them down in this description. The violations towards one or both my hosting requirements will result inspections of me inside your studio that can happen anytime I want because I will have to match my inspection with my working schedules in those days of inspections. These inspections can be about cleaning check because you do not pay the cleaning deposit yet or security check because you do not submit the documents I require i write in this description. These inspections can result electricity cut between 10pm(22.00)-10am(in the morning) until you pay the cleaning deposit and submit the documents I require.

In Airbnb, the pricing in a submitted booking request cannot be changed by the hosts. So the hosts can only change the price if the booking request is not yet made. Once a booking request is made the pricing is no longer adjustable. This is why I can only add the cleaning deposit in the price before you submit your booking request. therefore if you just submit a booking request without letting me first adding the deposit into the pricing, what I can do to make sure you indeed maintain the cleanliness of my place, I will have to apply the cleaning inspection. This goes the same if you refuse to email the documents I require for your stay. If I write in the title and in this description that i require you to email your passports and travel documents, it means that i require you to do so. So if you do not do so, that of course will make me wonder why and therefore i will have to do the inspections to increase the security of my place and other guests staying in other studio and my neighbours. These inspections are of course not my preference as they cost me energy and times and of course emotions too, so I hope you will not mind to pay the cleaning deposit and submit the required documents. If my cleaning deposit requirement and my documents requirement do not resonate you well, then we do not fit each other as guests and hosts although my place may fit you.

Prepare photos of the documents I require like the travel documents and the passport/eu id (like german id, french id, italian id, etc etc) BEFORE you chat me as i will ask to submit them during the chat before the submission of your booking request. Please submit clean and clear and readable photos no blur no water marks and no cover and no photo copy.

If you have questions about the extra charges or the required documents or the studio or anything else, you are very much welcome to ask. So if no questions, I expect that you already know and understand about the extra charges if no question about them and ready to mention Which ones you want to have for your stay and ready to email the documents too .

I elaborate further about what I expect from you and what you can expect from me and my accomodation So that we do not have misunderstandings or at least we can decrease those misunderstandings.

I am looking for committed guests. This means that i will not accept any request to change dates with any kind of reasons. This is just like your expectation to me that i will not ask you to change the dates or cancel your booking. If you pay the cleaning deposit and submit the documents I write in this description and reply my messages, I am not kind of hosts going to ruin your holiday plans by cancelling your booking or changing your dates, So i expect you to do the same for my plans. If you want to change the dates or cancel or check out earlier, just cancel and move on and no wasting my time for asking for refund as i will refuse and do anything to refuse to refund.
So changing dates=cancelling the previous booking + making new booking.
On the other hand if you submit a booking request without chatting me first Which therefore I will not be able to add the Cleaning deposit in the price or you do not submit the documents I write in this description, I may just cancel your booking request to avoid inspection issues that can consume my time and energy.

Just like as if I book to stay at your place, I expect you to take care my place. I understand that you pay for your stay, but in Exchange to your money I provide you the place that you book. So the booking money does not give you the right to leave damages, mess, stains and marks. Therefore I look for tidy and neat guests, for the unrepaired damages, stains and marks I will charge extra for the cost to repair or to buy new one.

Communication with me is only via airbnb app, no calls or sms etc. I will answer you as soon as i can. I apply this policy just to make sure that airbnb can follow our communication. I am of course open for calls for very very very emergency moments. I respect and appreciate your moments and times and what you are doing at the times i need to communicate with you, so i expect the same from you, just text me in the airbnb app and i will reply as soon as i can. i have no and never whatsoever intentions to not give reply to your messages. So if you have not yet received my reply, that means that i must have not been able to communicate, but of course I will reply as soon as i can.

You can smoke for 24hours but not indoor and not in the patio you can see in the photos. It can only in the garden between the plants, but please keep the noise low especially after 7pm as the children of my neighbours go to bed at 7pm (in the evening). So smoking is ok and cannabis is totally ok for 24hours but only in the garden and quite and discreet.

During the chat you must tell me which optional amenities you want to have, and i will add their values to the innitial price you see in the beginning. So it cannot be changed once you make the decision which of those optional amenities you want to have. As i said i am Looking for commited guests, So once you make the decision, we stick to it, so if you decide you do not take some amenities=you dont pay them in your booking price= you will not get them during your stay=those amenities will not be provided by me

To maintain the security of the house and the neighborhood, NO INVITING people otherwise your booking will be canceled on your behalf. If you want or need to invite someone during your stay, for example you come to Amsterdam for visiting them, please tell me in the chat before you submit a booking request.

NO loud noise and no noise after 10pm otherwise your booking will be canceled on your behalf and paid monies will not be refunded. This is because the house of my neighbours is next to my house as you can see from the street view

Since you and me can agree that we only send messages because there is a need to do so, just like you expecting me to reply your messages, I expect you to do the same for me. Reply my message within 24hours (if you are not staying yet) and within 12 hours (during your stay) otherwise your booking will be canceled on your behalf. So if your account do not or cannot receive email notification and/or sms notification next to the airbnb app notification when there is a message, please contact airbnb First to get that fixed before proceeding further with me.

Check in is from 4pm.
If you decide not to order cleaners to do the cleaning from the previous guests, that means that you need to take consequences to do that Cleaning yourself and that can only after the 4pm check in time. So if you arrive earlier than 4pm in Amsterdam, you need to wait until 4pm to do the check in and your need to do the cleaning from previous guests cannot be used as reason to check in earlier. If you will arrivé in the evening or in the night but you do not want to order the cleaners, it means that in that evening/night you will need to do the cleaning after you get in.

Check out is max 10am
10am is including the need to satisfy my requirement to deliver the studio back cleaned. So if you do not want to order the cleaners to do the cleaning after your stay, then you must finish the cleaning before the 10am or you will not get the 50€ cleaning deposit back from me and you will be charged extra for the late checked out.

Check out later than 10am=10€extra charge/hour paid via airbnb by adding the value on the innitial price. If you do not want to book extra hours, then you must check out at 10am no matter what. This 10am check out includes leaving the space cleaned+throw your own garbage.

Remember the airbnb price is only for the space shown in the photos and explained in this description. No other spaces in my house and my garden are included for your use (except you can smoke in the garden like i wrote above, and cannabis is also ok) and all optional amenities explained in this description will only provided if you increase the innitial price.
Because the studio is located after my garden, even it has independent front door and it has its own patio, the front door and the patio is after the garden, So not immediately on the street, and even the patio is private for you, but since i do not want you to damage my plants and the walking path in my garden is only 40cm wide with So many plants (that is why NO big bags and NO many bags) Please please please NO bringing bikes. I do not have place for parking place for your bikes in my garden and I do not allow you to bring your bikes inside the studio/patio, and it does not matter how expensive your bikes are. If you have bikes or rent bikes, you have to park/put somewhere else and not in my house/my garden and also not in front of my house because i have many plants too in front of my house and not on my street because not allowed by the municipality gov. My guests usually park the bikes on the nearby metro station, van der Madeweg metro station, or park their bikes in the city and go back home with metro or night bus if in the night.

The address is: Kruidenommegang, Duivendrecht. Please look up in the internet about the distances if this location is ok for you. You can also research on the street view to see how my house and my street look like. My house is the last/first house on the street and it has palms and many plants.

This studio is in the ground floor of a 3 floors building and it has its own patio and it has its own front door but the location of this studio is not on the street. It is located secluded and discreet after my garden. So to approach this studio you need to pass all my plants.

There are so many plants in my garden you have to get through before accessing the front door and the garden floor is not equal as it has grinds and foot steps and pebbles so it is not comfortable for big/many bags/luggage during the check in and check out and not comfortable if you go out and go in passing them. The garden entrance itself is also very small and low and narrow. The leaves of my plants are closing the walking path so you may need to bend and take the leaves away from your sights when walking through them. The leaves of my palms and bamboes are long and wide.
I really love my plants So much, So of course I expect my guests not to ruin them. So if you have big bags, i will ask you to only take the content with you inside and store your bags with me.

You only rent A small 8m2 (4m x 2m) studio with 2m2 (2m x 1m) inside bathroom, thus total size is only 10m2. There is a 140cmx200cm bed, so this studio is only for sleeping and taking shower which is why the innitial price on your screen only includes the electricity from 10pm(22.00 in the evening) until 10am (in the morning). To get electricity for the other 12 hours which is from 10am until 10pm(22.00), you need to pay extra like I mention in the paragraph of "optional charge" in this description.

2m2 bathroom has shower, washbasin, mirror and toilet inside the bathroom. The bathroom floor is flat So you will need to mop the floor after showering. I expect you to leave the bathroom dried before the check out for the next guests. The mop and drying towels are provided.

Other cleaning stuffs are also provided that you can use during your stay and/or if you decide to do the cleaning yourself from the previous guests and before your check out So no need to spend money on hiring cleaners.

Due to the size, this studio is only comfy for sleeping and showering of 2 adults (I have had more 2 persons bookings than 1 persons bookings through my renting years), but a 3rd person is possible

I do have guests making meals and eating too. There is a folding table that you can also use to work besides for eating.
So May be this studio is not comfy for different purposes and meet everyone's wishes, but it is certainly functional.

I elaborate here about the optional extra charges.
The optional additional amenities are:

a. Borrowing Pillows+Blankets+1 Beddings set for the borrowed pillows and blankets=2€/night.
I make this as an optional amenity because you can of course bring your own pillows and blankets and beddings So that you do not need to pay this cost Which can be seen as a way to lower the spending for the accomodation. If you want to borrow them, i will add the cost to borrow on the innitial price. This is why you need to chat me first before submitting a booking request So that i can get the opportunity to increase the price. If you submit a booking request without chatting me first, it means that you do not need to borrow them for your stay and therefore they will not be provided for your stay. If you want to decide whether to borrow them or not when you arrive, you can give me the money via resolution center but the price will be 10€/night as i will need to borrow from other rentals and I can only give them to you when i am home which can be few days later if i am not at home at the day you want to order them. This is why it is very important to chat me first before submitting a booking request so that we do not have this issue during your stay.

b. Parking permit=€10/night (for example if you book 5nights =5×10€=50€). This is for BORROWING PARKING PERMIT for car (if you bring a car). The parking is on the street around my house with a parking permit that you borrow for 10€/night. I ask 50€ deposit for borrowing the permit and add this on the innitial price. I will divide it among the dates of your stay after adding the 10€/night cost of the borrowing itself. I will return this 50€ deposit 3-4weeks after your check out via airbnb if you return the parking permit when you check out.
This borrowing parking permit is of course an optional amenity by itself because if you do not bring a car then you do not to pay this spending. This borrowing parking permit is only possible when there is a parking permit to borrow. I have other guests too who might borrow the parking permit, therefore there is not always a parking permit available to borrow. This is why it is important to chat me first before submitting a booking request to make sure that there is a parking permit available to borrow during your stay besides giving me the opportunity to add the cost to borrow the permit and the deposit to borrow the permit in your innitial price. If you do not chat me first before submitting a booking request, i assume that you will not need to borrow this parking permit and therefore its availability will not be provided for your stay.

c. Extra charge for an availability of the electricity between 10am-10pm+wifi+Heater to increase the indoor temperature into 19-20°C=2€/night. This is an optional extra charge and not yet included in your innitial price because i make the innitial price based on the purpose to rent out the studio only for sleeping and showering. Therefore extra purpose to use the studio besides only for sleeping and showering will of course result on extra charges, including for extra electricity and wifi and at least a 19-20°C indoor temperature that you may need for those extra purposes. And if you bring a third person, the extra cost for electricity for the third person and for borrowing a floor mattrass for a 3rd person=30€/night.
Due to the size, this studio is only comfy for 2 adults sleeping and showering, but a 3rd person is possible by sleeping on the floor. The extra mattrass for 3rd person for on the floor is made from sponge very thin and has basic quality. And this is of course an optional amenity as it is only applicable when you come with a third person.
WiFi line is ok for googling but weak to be used to watch movies and sometimes disturbed due to repairs done by WiFi provider. This is an optional amenity because you can use your own internet Package of course.
Especially in the Winter months from beginning of October until beginning of June when the temperature outdoor goes lower, the temperature indoor inside the studio (Not in the patio as the patio is an outdoor space) can go low until 16°C. This low temperature will not matter too much if you indeed use the studio only for showering and sleeping. If you want to ask me to make sure that the heater goes on to increase the indoor temperature until 19-20°C, I need to charge extra. Without having to make sure that there is an increasing temperature in the heater, the indoor temperature normally will only go low as low as around 18°C during strong winter/frost which can happen between October until May. Mind you that even you pay this extra charge, i will not increase the indoor temperature in my thermostaat higher than 20°C (This can result an indoor temperature that is less than 20°C in reality as the reality temperature can be less or higher than the thermostaat). So even if this 20°C is considered still too cold for you, then my studio does not fit you and therefore is not for you:)

The payment is by adding the value on the innitial price, Which is why you must chat me first before submitting a booking request because the price per night can be different for more persons because airbnb only provides a similar value to charge after the first or the second person while i want to add different charges.

d. Borrowing cooking equipment =5€/night.

There is no kitchen and there is no Living room, only the interior of this studio you see in the photos that you book. Borrowing cooking equipment is to use them inside your own studio since there is no kitchen, So no other place to be used to use these equipment besides your own studio. If you think that there will be no comfortable space to use them inside your 8m2 since there is a bed and anything else, then there is of course no need to borrow them, and this is the reason i put this spending as an optional amenity. In my experience, i have guests who borrow them and use them.
The cooking equipment like you see in one of the photos in this advertisement includes: 1 pit plate electric stove (So only for 1 pan)+2 little pans (only to make small portions) + a mini Rice cooker + 1 microwave bowl. No spoons and fork and no plates and no cups. You can buy plastic spoons and plastic fork and plastic plates and plastic cups in the nearby supermarkt or you bring your own. So the equipment is only to make easy and simple food in your small space studio.

e. During the booking you can order to have cleaning service after the departure of the previous guests if you want to have the accomodation cleaned after the departure of the previous guests. The extra charge to hire these cleaners is =50€ (2hours cleaning). Payment is via airbnb by adding this 50€ on the innitial price separating on how many days you want to stay. This is why you must chat me first before submitting a booking request. If you submit a booking request without chatting me first, i assume that you want to do the cleaning yourself from the stay of the previous guests upon your arrival and indeed you are certainly allowed to do the cleaning yourself like most of my guests do and thus no need to pay this 50€ extra charge. The Cleaning equipment available for you in the hallway is the Cleaning equipment my cleaners usually use when they get cleaning order.

f. I expect you to leave the place cleaned and to throw your own garbage. There is a public garbage container next to the house. I ask 50€ cleaning deposit and add it on the innitial price dividing it on the dates of your stay. i return this cleaning deposit 3-4 weeks after your check out via airbnb (depending on my book keeping work at that time) if you return the studio cleaned when you check out, and this is based on my own determination. So if i consider that your cleaning result is not clean even you say you have cleaned, i will not refund this 50€. Mind you that this 50€ is only for 2 hours cleaning work, so if it turns out that i need to hire more hours, i will charge more via airbnb and per hour is 25€ and the left minutes are rounded up into one hour. You are of course allowed to photograph your cleaning result and send them on the chat to make yourself more confidence that i will agree with you that your cleaning result is indeed clean. As I wrote above, If you submit a booking request without chatting me first so i can get opportunity to add this cleaning deposit on your innitial price, i will do the Cleaning inspections by coming inside your studio during your stay anytime i want regardless if you are in the studio in that time or not and regardless the time frames which can be very early in the morning like 6am before i go to my work or late in the evening dependind on my schedules in that day. If during the inspection i find out that you do not take care the cleaning of my studio-while of course i have not received the cleaning deposit from you at that time, i will deduct this 50€ cleaning deposit from your electricity value that is already included in the price (from 10pm-10am). This means that i will turn off the electricity from that moment until you pay this 50€ deposit via airbnb resolution center. This is why it is very important to chat me first before you submit a booking request So that i can add this Cleaning deposit on the price so that we will not have to deal with this situation during your stay.

Second option is You can ask me to hire a cleaner to help you with your responsibility to do cleaning before you check out. This cost you 50€ for 2 hours work and must be paid by adding it on the innitial price.

Furthermore, you can of course also order the cleaners to do the cleaning during your stay if you prefer so. This arrangement must be booked during booking process too, for example once every 2 days or 3days. You can of course do the cleaning yourself during your stay since the space is not big. Mind you that the bathroom walls and floor is not flat equally and the water does not dry by itself after showering while the toilet pot is in the same space, So you need to dry the wall and the floor manually and properly using your hands. There are mop and drying towels provided in the bathroom

These extra charges are not refundable if you dont complete your stay or check out earlier and must be decided if you take those amenities or not at the moment of your booking, so it cannot be undo. If you want to borrow those amenities, I must book those amenities in rental companies or cleaning company for the cleaners or heater company for the heater mechanics after approving your booking request and give the money to them upon your arrival and they don't give me option for refund.
So if you don't complete your stay, I cannot ask refund for them and that's why I cannot give you any refund too for the submitted monies.

NO SHAMPOO, NO SOAPS, NO TOOTH PASTE, and NO TOILET PAPERS are provided. I DO NOT provide them, therefore you need to bring your own.

Just like my place does not fit to every prospective guest, Me as host will only be comfortable for commited and sincere and honest guests. I have been renting accomodations for years before airbnb, so i know commited and sincere and honest guests by heart. It does not matter how many stars other hosts put as review. For me there is no different if you have 5 stars or you are new member or you get bad reviews from previous hosts or even you yourself are also a host or even a superhost as i can sense your commitment and honesty and your sincere personality since your chat. For me your commitment to respect our booking appointment and to respect my house and to take care the studio during your stay and honesty and sincere personality are much more important than your 5 stars reviews or your host or superhost status in your account. So even you dont have reviews yet or you dont get good reviews from earlier hosts, you are still very much welcome to stay at my place :)

If you and the second person are students, you can email me together with the passport or eu id your student card and the student card from the 2nd person and I will offer you a discount. I provide this discount arrangement because i join student housing program

I also offer you a discount if you do internship in Amsterdam. You just need to email me your internship contract and your student card

I can also offer you to pay the 50€ cleaning deposit on arrival in cash to avoid higher possible cancellation costs if somehow you need to cancel while i have strict cancellation policy. But for this alternatief, i ask you to chat me first. You can also pay the extra amenities via the resolution center after you arrivé for the same reason. And since i value your honesty and sincereness, if you can give me Nice and easy hosting experience, I am ready to refund the optional charges after your check out around 3 weeks depending on my book keeping work in that time. The refund will be only after the airbnb commission as it will be done via the resolution center, it shall be around 20% less depending on the airbnb commission.

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