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Step-in shallow end
Step-in shallow end
  • Welcome to our home where you can relax around the 16 x 28' inground pool
  • Step-in shallow end
  • These French doors are the owner's private entrance.
  • A Sweet Spot on Sunset Drive where the inside is anything but ordinary
  • The master bedroom with walk-in closet.
  • An elegant mix of masculine & feminine
  • Master bedroom
  • French doors open into the living room
  • Full bath with shower & tub
  • Main bathroom
  • Relaxing beach-y feel here
  • Light and airy corner bedroom overlooks pool.
  • Collect moments, not things.
  • Retro half-bath
  • Our eclectic room ~ a little of everything!
  • A Sweet Spot on Sunset Drive with inground pool
  • This double window overlooks the deck, backyard & pool.
  • Front corner room overlooks yard & street
  • Relaxing blues & grays
  • Blue ceiling color adds depth to the living room.
  • French doors open into master bedroom.
  • Front door & windows facing street
  • The kitchen draws you in...
  • Blue ceiling suggests a sunny day no matter what the weather.
  • Tall dining table seats 6 comfortably, and 8 more cozily.
  • Fully stocked
  • Glass top electric stove
  • Coffee / beverage station
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Step-in shallow end