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  • View of the bed during the morning. Always, freshly washed cotton sheets and pillowcases, with a clean blanket in case you get cold at night. 

The bedsheets are one-of-a-kind hand printed designs using Malayan Straits floral motifs.
  • View of the desk and partial view of the bed in the morning. The bed is situated in such a way that if you prefer to have a lie-in, it's comfortable and peaceful for you to do so.
  • This is a usable antique cupboard/closet. There are hangers inside the space and sufficient drawer space for you to keep your clothes inside. The top of the cabinet houses a magnifying mirror and room for your toiletries. Those that you don't want to keep in the bathroom, that is.
  • The view from the desk affords you the KL city landscape. There are sufficient electrical points for charging your devices and the wifi is decent.
  • View of the opposing wall (Night view)
  • View of Chinatown and with a few colonial shophouses can be seen directly ahead, just past the monorail train leaving for KL Sentral
  • The view from the balcony and lounge is a beautiful lit view of the KL city landscape at night.
  • The Chin Woo Association, a 10-15 minute walk from the apartment has an Olympic-size swimming pool and hosts many activities, including Tai Chi classes. It costs about RM3 per entry to the swimming pool.
  • Markazz's location on Google maps
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  • Close-up photo of the living area, good amount of sunlight coming through the glass door from morning until late afternoon. Photo by Lucy_Apr19
  • Entrance to the kitchen area. The sink and kitchen top are constantly kept dry and organized. The kitchen is available for guest to use. Photo by Lucy_Apr19
  • The kitchen is for vegetarian only food and by-products. I can tolerate eggs and dairy but unfortunately, provisions for non-vegetarian products are yet to be approved by the counsel of judges. Photo by Lucy_Apr19.
  • Kitchen appliances are all in good functioning conditions, despite its industrial facade. Photo by Lucy_Apr19.
  • Important part of the house but lacking visual identity - Shower room. The shower room is minimal in deco but importantly the water heater installed is functioning good. Photo by Lucy_Apr19.
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  • The bathroom is fitted with two locks, water heater and adjustable hose, a sink, mirror, bucket and windows. Photo by Lucy_Apr19.
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