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Living area
Living area
  • Living area, seats four with tv, DVD player and 70 dvds to choose from. Sofa turns into a sofa bed for the 4th person if required.
  • Living area
  • Living area looking towards the lake
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Fully equipped Kitchen
  • Queen bed & single bed
  • Queen bed & Single bed
  • Dining area, seating 4 or weather permitting use the outdoor dining table .
  • Bathroom with shower and bath
  • Bathroom with shower and bath
  • Private (ground level) Deck & Lawn for guests.
  • Private entrance for guest access.
  • Private guests entrance
  • Janey B'z on Botanical
  • Janey B'z on Botanical
  • Parking area for guests.
  • View from apartment
  • Sunset over lake Taupo
  • 5min walk for this view
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Living area