Gå videre til indhold
Sun, relax and silence.
Sun, relax and silence.
  • Sun, relax and silence.
  • Hall
  • Living- and sleepingroom for 4 people
  • big living and sleepingroom for 2-4 guests
  • Great view.
  • Shared livingroom for guests and hostess
  • Once it was 'un pajar'.
  • Out of society.
  • 80% of the building materials are recycled. Shared kitchen.
  • Througt the upstairs window.
  • Waking up downstairs.
  • Natural food....
  • And a small veggie garden at the back of the house.
  • Sorry....the car doesn't arrive till the front door....Yippee...no unexpected visitors.
  • Space.
  • Recycling... Shared bathroom
  • Upstairs bedroom for hostess
  • The view from the upstairs shared living room
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Sun, relax and silence.