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Living room
Living room
  • Steps leading up to the apartment and private deck.
  • Front view of our house from the road.
  • Relax on the private deck and enjoy the back yard views and sounds of nature.
  • Living room
  • Dining Area
  • View from kitchen into dining area
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • Wine Country Cottage
  • Large master bedroom. Photo does not do justice to the size.
  • Full size bathroom. Be sure to check behind the mirror for toiletries:)
  • Wine Country Cottage
  • Hackett Woodworking sign at the entrance to our driveway.
  • Hackett Woodworking work shop
  • Beautiful Fall foliage on our road
  • The gravel road that leads to our house
  • River access 1.25 mile hike from our house. Small rocky beach perfect for cooling off
  • Our chickens that live on our property and provide the delicious fresh eggs
  • The chicken coop
  • Wine Country Cottage
  • Relax in the hammock
  • Backyard trail
  • Fresh eggs from our hens and veggies from the garden. We enjoy sharing with our guests during harvest.
  • We enjoy sharing veggies and herbs from our cottage garden in Pick your own and enjoy!
  • Dine Al fresco
  • Our barn cat, “Chicken.” 
You will see Chicken during your stay around the grounds.
  • Our dog Reese tends to greet our guests with barking but don't be alarmed as she is friendly as can be and just wants to play fetch. Don't start...she will not stop. You have been warned :)
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Living room