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Cottage in the Historic District
Cottage in the Historic District
  • Cottage in the Historic District
  • Kitchen, Dining area, Entrance Hallway
  • Living Room Area, and Sleeper Loft Ladder
  • Master Bedroom, Plush Queen Sized Bed
  • Sleeper Loft, Double-Sized Bed
  • Full Bathroom with Jacuzzi Tub
  • Bright Sun from Maryland Heights
  • Moonrise on the Potomac
  • Water Lily Garden with Covered Swing and Seating for Campfire. There's free firewood underneath the side porch of the house!

In the water garden are: lotuses, waterlilies, double arrowhead, cardinal flower, thalia, and umbrella palm, among others.
  • New deck with swing. Perfect for reading and for romantic evenings. Also great for morning yoga on the platform. That's the campfire in front of the deck, the huge maple tree to the right, and the neighbor's cottage behind.
  • Huge Maple Tree probably about 100 years old, from back when the main house was built as one of the Armory Houses. Shared yard in back of the house.
  • A few blooming water plants. The pond has an assortment of aquatic plants including lotuses and waterlilies.
  • Shared Yard, Carriage House, Beveled Photo
  • Entrance Stairway to the Carriage House, Beveled Photo
  • Nighttime view of the gardens with the cottage, campfire, and water garden (that's the owner's house on the left). We grill on the campfire and guests are welcome to do so as well. We have fire wood on site that's free for guests' usage.
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Cottage in the Historic District