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Driftless Bicycle Adventures
We customize and lead individual and small group bicycle tours in the Driftless Region, starting in the area around Viroqua or La Crosse. We will visit boutique cheese producers (this is Wisconsin, after all) Amish bakeries, one room school houses, dairy pastures, quilted barns, homesteads, and scenic rivers. Around every twist of the road, every bend of the river, there is a new marvel to behold.
Play with Clay in a Fanciful Studio
I will give you a tour of Clay Squared which is a working studio in two types of clay- Ceramic and Polymer clay. You'll be surrounded by my sculptures and my husband's tiles and we will both tell you about our art. Then I'll teach you a few easy techniques in polymer clay that even the non-artistic can pick up right away. Next you will get to explore my endless scrap pile to add to your own creations and make a finished piece which could be anything from a decorative frame to a light switch cover to a sugar bowl. I can bake your creation for you while you wait (20 minutes) or you can take it with you to bake yourself. I always create right a long side you- sometimes on large commissions and sometimes on small pieces. I will also share any info you are interested in about the North East Minneapolis Arts District which is home of over 400 studios. Other things to note Everything you learn is step by step and Layl is all about positivity. Polymer clay is magical and very forgiving. We tend to run a closer to 2 hours than an hour and a half but let me know if you need to be done earlier and we can make it happen.
Goat Yoga on the North Shore
Goats+ Yoga+ Nature We are one of the top fun and unique things to do in Duluth and the North Shore! Join us in the beautiful Northwoods making memories with our adorable mini goats. You will be surrounded by fresh air in a grove of cedars while our yoga teacher guides the class through a one hour gentle yoga flow while the goats prance around and hop on you during poses. Feel free to just sit and take photos and cuddle the goats during class. There is half an hour allotted after class for additional play and photos. The number one question people ask is if the goats pee and poop during class. Yes they do! However, they poop little pellets like rabbits and are easily swept up quickly by our many goat wranglers we have on hand. We have sanitizing wipes and a hand washing station to clean up afterwards. Please bring your own yoga mat or towel.
Art With A Spark
Can you stand the heat? Do you feel like learning a valuable skill that few people possess? Want to make a unique piece of art or repair a household item with your own two hands and some sparks?! Sparkin’ Suz is offering “make and take” classes in metal fabrication where not only can you gain valuable experience welding, but also take a home creation of your own to prove to others you can indeed weld ;) Whether you’re just getting out of diapers or you’re just getting into them, whether you’ve been welding for years and want to get back in the groove or have never even seen a welder, whether it’s for therapy, fun, or to get some arc time gaining experience toward learning a skill you can make a career out of.. Everyone is welcome and will definitely feel those sparks fly! ;) Well, not exactly feel them as I will have all necessary protective gear to keep you safe. One person, two person, and group sessions available! We’ll start the class by going over some safety. Either before you come to my class you can pick out a project you’d like to build, or just work on scrap pieces I will provide. The class will be what you make it, it’s very individualized! We will work on setting the machine, running beads, then finally working on whatever project you’d like! It’s a different experience with new things to learn every time you strike an arc. Let’s build something together!
Minneapolis History and River Walk Tour
We will meet in Father Hennepin Park in Minneapolis, off of historic Main Street in Minneapolis. From there will embark on a 3 hour/4 mile walking tour of the historic riverfront and St. Anthony falls area. This will include a walk across the most scenic spot in Minneapolis - the Stone Arch Bridge, from which you can nearly all the landmarks in Downtown Minneapolis. We will also visit the site of an exploded rival flour mill, the view from our Guthrie Theater, the farmer's market (Saturday's only), and a few other important landmarks. We'll then circle around the North Loop, a trendy area for shopping and restaurants, and stop at my favorite bakery in town for pastries and coffee. We'll stop by the first bridge to cross the Mississippi and discuss the importance of beer in the history of Minneapolis. Then we'll head back to Main St. and finish at my building on what has been called an 8-million view from the rooftop of my building.
Wild Edible Plants and mushrooms
We will meet at a local coffee shop and then drive to take a hike at a nearby trail that many do not know of. We will hike for 2 hours and gather plants and mushrooms that are out when you visit, and I'll you about their biology and what can be done with them. Any questions you have I will either answer on the trail or follow up afterwards.
Indian Fusion Cuisine, wine & cheese
Great for teams. Great for groups. Great for team building 1. Guests can sign up for a dinner event using airbnb. 2. a lovely three course dinner with a salsa dancing lesson to whet your appetite. The dining table is large and can accommodate 6-8 people with ease 3. I will entertain and will be providing insights on both wine and food and answer any questions. I am fully vaccinated. 4. Guests will sample a chutney infused charcuterie with wine 5. The main course is a delightful made from scratch Indian cuisine featuring vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisine from the silk road MENU: 1. Introductions & appetizers - Bite sized bruschetta of Feta cheese, vine ripe tomatoes, pickled beetroot, garlic chives from garden, cucumber - Charcuterie tray - choice of red or white wine pour 2. Main Course: - Dal Fry : Lentils seasoned with variety of spices and simmered to perfection. The seasoning is called 'tadka' imparting flavors of ginger, garlic, turmeric, cumin and tomatoes, fenugreek and red and green chilli. - Leek / Sweet potato / Carrots with basmati rice infused with orange juice and raisins. - Chicken or Fish tikka masala : You will never feel the same again! - - Mango / Papaya salad - choice of red or white wine pour 3. Dessert - Garnache Toast Bites / Chocolate OR - Coconut fudge with ice cream Please contact me at 612 814 1923 with any quest
The amazing alpaca- interactive learning for all ages
You will be warmly welcomed to our beautiful alpaca farm, currently home to 21 Huacaya (wuh-KAI-ya) alpacas. You will learn about this beautiful, curious animal which we raise for their incredibly soft fiber. This fiber is processed into soft and luxurious yarn which is sold in our store. This hands-on experience includes interactions with the animals, feeding and if you are lucky, alpaca kisses! You will then have the opportunity to walk an alpaca on a 1/2-mile trail on the farm. There will be many opportunities for selfies with the alpacas. Depending on the time of your visit, you may even see alpaca babies (cria). While on the farm, you may also visit with and feed chickens. Following the animal visit, you will enter the farm store where you will learn more about alpaca fiber, processing and products. The farm store offers a wonderful selection of yarn, alpaca socks, hats, scarves and many gift items for purchase. The farm is also home to the Homestead Blacksmith shop where you may view demonstrations by Mark Grimes and learn about how to attend future classes. Check out the "Introduction to the Forge- Beginning Blacksmithing" experience for more details. Don't see a date that works for you? Please contact us with your request!
SUP/Paddleboard Yoga on the most popular lake in Minneapolis
Enjoy a fun and relaxing yoga practice on Bde Maka Ska (pronounced "BaDAY-Ma-KA-Ska" and formerly known as Lake Calhoun)! It is the most popular lake in Minneapolis to paddle or sail while taking in the view of the downtown skyline. We will meet at the boat rental facility, called Wheel Fun Rentals. The address is 3000 E. Bde Maka Ska Pkwy. There is street parking available on the Parkway, Knox Ave, James Ave or 31st St. Once you get to the boat rental facility, skip the line and head straight to the shore where the paddleboards are lined up. I will be waiting with my white and purple paddleboard. We’ll get our boards and go over safety procedures and paddling basics. Personal items such as keys can be stored in a locker that is available for a fee or I can store them in a dry bag. There will be a short paddle then we’ll anchor our boards. Class will start with a brief meditative centering, then gentle to moderate poses modified specifically for a paddleboard. Savasana (yogi nap) will follow the flow, where you'll lie down on your board and find inner stillness while gently swaying on top of the water. We'll paddle back to the starting point where you can get your things and head out, or you can keep the board for another hour and continue the adventure on your own. Due to liability you cannot bring your own board. Message me for dates not listed or private groups.
A Walk, A Candy Shop, Art & A Theater
We will meet behind the Affordable Cleaners parking lot by the Mesabi Bike Trail. We will partake in a sneak peak at the Rouchleau Mine Pit on our way to cross the highest newly constructed overpass bridge in Minnesota. The Tom Rukavina Memorial Bridge is a destination in itself. The bridge offers a world class view of crimson colored shorelines, topped with the forest green of the trees and centered with deep blue waters. It is simply breathtaking!!! From there we will return back down the trail and venture down the historic Chestnut Street of Virginia Minnesota over Rail Road Avenue along the dark red brick buildings and authentic architecture of the early 1900's and on to the recently renovated family owned and operated homemade candy store with all the extras to go with it; soda-pop fountain, ice cream, gifts and of course a whole lot of merriment! So the sugar doesn't go completely to waste, we will tour the Lyric Center of the Arts, the theater pending construction, and also, their art gallery. Then on to see the world record holding largest loon located on Silver Lake, next to a transformed train depot. Finally, back down main street to the parking lot to retrieve the vehicles, exchange contacts and give farewells. Other things to note The weather is always a concern, please dress for the weather in case of rain or snow. We will also be walking a distance of little over a mile one way. If there are health concerns please address the pace of the group. No one will be left behind.
Northwoods Guided Mushroom Walk
I will meet you at a predetermined location near bayfield. We will hike different types of forests to find various edible, beautiful, or interesting mushrooms. Learning how to identify them along the way. Guests will be able to keep large amounts of choice edible mushrooms (depending on season you will have better chances at this) and will learn about many different plants, animals and of course mushrooms. I will provide snacks for a break and then we will return to your rental, hopefully weighed down with chanterelles, black trumpets, hen of the woods and many many more. Other things to note The best time for finding edible mushrooms will be July through late October. However, there are interesting things to find all summer long and I can tailor our walk to your interests. Guests should dress for hiking and bring a basket to fill!
Themed walking tours though historic Saint Paul
I offer an array of historic walking tours through downtown St. Paul and in the Historic Hill District which features Summit Avenue, one of the most celebrated streets in the nation. I am a classically trained actress and frequently do my themed tours through the lens of a historic figure. I bring deep scholarship, improv skills and over 15 years of professional guide experience in my re-telling of the history of iconic city sites. My themes focus on architecture (Guide to the Gilded Age) literature (St. Paul Literary Crawl) music (Jazz Spots Tour) and stories and lore that are hiding out in the open (True Confessions Gangster Tour, Historic Beer Tour and All Hallows’ Eve Event). Many of my events are through the lens of a Victorian Nun who started the first Fine Arts Conservatory in the state of Minnesota. Others are just presented from my own vantage point and include my selected readings of world class writers. Often the tours include a select beverage from the site I start and finish my tours at a historic boutique hotel. Additionally (and just for fun) there is a five question quiz for the chance of a novelty prize. Most are about 90 minutes and since they are often on foot and outdoors are Covid friendly. However, I offer on inside experiences as well.
Take walks, play, or snuggle mini animals on the hobby farm
Come meet the small farm animals! Chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, dogs, cats, and a potbelly pig! Cuddle/pet, feed, groom, and take walks with the animals on the farm. Treats for the animals are provided at no extra cost.
Experience Regeneration Farm Tour at Heart and Soil Ridge
Let’s wander the fields and meet the animals of Heart and Soil Ridge, taking in the sights and scenes of a working farm. Take a hands-on crash course in regenerative agriculture with Farmer Lance, as he leads, guides, and teaches about how we invest in soil health on our farm to better our animals, our lives, our products, and our environment. Get an up- close view on the happy life of a chicken out of tight confinement, pigs merrily rolling in the mud, and the sheep, cattle, and goats enjoying their savory greens. See the beauty of multi-species cover cropped fields - at times blooming with buckwheat, sunflowers, and other pollinator flowers throughout the season. In the spring, you just might get an up-close view of a new life being born on the farm, as we welcome the baby animals of Heart and Soil Ridge. Learn from a top-notch regenerative farmer, knowledgeable in the mechanics of regenerative farming and respected in the field (no pun intended). You are welcome to join in on farm chores and animal cares - feel free to be as hands-on (or hands-off!) as you’d like to be. There is plenty of space to wander, roam, or just relax outside. We look forward to hosting you on your farm tour!
Mix Organic Cosmetics and Skincare
Each week we create a new experience for you to enjoy. Come in to learn how to make an organic skincare treat made just for you, by you. The workshops rotate weekly throughout the year from 20 different options including (but not limited to): lotion, makeup, bath bombs and lip balm. You will begin by learning about each individual ingredient you can choose to personalize the product just for you. You have the opportunity to pick your own base oils, colors, scents and additives while learning how to incorporate them into the product of the week. As we spend about 30-40 minutes making the product each person will get the opportunity to experience the individual ingredients and see how others are blending them to get their own unique product. You will then go home with a completed product made by you. Whether it is a lip gloss, room spray or dry shampoo you will get to enjoy your handmade creation right away. Feel free to contact me if you would like to find out exactly what product we will be making on the week you are visiting. We do not use any wheat, corn, nut dairy or soy ingredients in the products.
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