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    Airbnb Plus listing requirements

    When you join Airbnb Plus, you’ll be asked to agree to Airbnb Plus terms and to list your place only with Airbnb Plus. Only places to stay in the United States of America, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Croatia, and Poland that were invited to join Airbnb Plus will be expected to follow the program’s listing requirements, after listings for those places to stay have been published. The exclusivity requirement doesn’t apply to any other listings on Airbnb or properties that haven’t been invited to join Airbnb Plus.

    Other listings for your place

    If the place you’re upgrading with Airbnb Plus is currently listed on other booking websites or services before you join the program, be sure to follow the instructions and policies for blocking out your calendar and removing other listings for your place from those platforms. After your listing is published with Airbnb Plus, you’ll be required to remove these other listings in order to maintain your Airbnb Plus status.

    Removal from Airbnb Plus

    If the place you’ve listed with Airbnb Plus appears in search results or is available to book on other websites or services after your listing has been published with Airbnb Plus, you’ll be notified by Airbnb Plus, along with a request to remove the other listing(s) within a specific deadline.

    If any listings for your place aren’t removed from other booking websites or services within the deadline, your listing may be removed from Airbnb Plus. You would then keep your original Airbnb listing, along with your existing guest reviews, ratings, and reservations, but you would no longer have access to Airbnb Plus benefits like professional photography and elevated search results.

    Managing existing reservations

    You may keep any non-Airbnb reservations for your listing, as long as they were made prior to your Airbnb Plus listing being published, and future dates are blocked for your place on other booking websites or services.